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I - is for introvert, a reserved, solitary soul,
Too much time spent in my own head, now this im often told,
I remember being 8 years old, so wild, i seized the day,
Now im mild, i envy that child, my passions gone away

N - is for intuitive, connections here and there,
Unrelated topics begin relating everywhere,
I try to share these thoughts out loud but no one seems to care,
My words, they fall upon deaf ears, its back to the ground i stare

T - it stand for thinker, as opposed to feel,
People think we lack emotion but the pain is real,
Expressions what we really lack, my face remains unchanged,
I prefer to base my weight on logic, i find emotions strange

P - is for perceiving, lifes unorganised, unplanned,
I admit that im a lazy fuck, all but my right hand,
I sit and wonder what life would be, should i set a date,
But fuck that shit im happy right here, il leave it down to fate
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