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A question each for ISTP and ISTP women

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to women: have u ever approached a guy and initiated conversation with a guy that you were attracted to?

men: what would be your reaction to this?

this happened to me the other day. I was working on a set for a play in one of my theatre elective classes. I went to the 'green room' to get some coffee and one of the girls started talking to me. there arent many theatre majors and i notice they are a unique group of people. usually more outgoing and less socially blocked by social norms. They are easily able to be themselves. They're like louder artsy types...

Anyway a girl asked what my name and major was that day. Her friends/classmates were with her in the room when she said hi. She was a complete stranger. I didn't know how to react to this situation. It was completely unexpected. The girl was pretty good looking too. I may find her in the same spot tomorrow morning.
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Asking you for your name and major? Are you serious? She was probably fed up with seeing you constantly moping around in the background and she wanted to lighten the atmosphere. Extroverts do that. Other people's silence is uncomfortable for them.

Little does she know what she's gotten herself into. You'll probably be stalking her next.
Most likely if a girl is starting up conversation with you (especially if you didn't even acknowledge her before) then she wants your d.
I think you're full of shit. On the one hand, you claim that girls have approached you out of the blue before, and that whenever this happens it always progresses further:
From prior experiences and knowing that every time a girl doesn't talk to me doesn't go anywhere and when a girl makes first contact it does go somewhere, I'd have to say I am right for the most part.
Yet you also claim to have been surprised when the girl in your class approached you. You say you didn't know how to react:
Anyway a girl asked what my name and major was that day. Her friends/classmates were with her in the room when she said hi. She was a complete stranger. I didn't know how to react to this situation. It was completely unexpected.
If you have so much prior experience with girls approaching you in this manner, then where is your confusion coming from?
I don't know if this has been mentioned already, but anyway: sexually frustrated people tend to "project" their frustration onto others, which makes them over-estimate how horny everyone else is. Certainly many people are horny, but many are not. For all we know the girl in the story has a steady boyfriend and is already getting as much nookie as she can cope with. Does it necessarily follow that she would not say hello to a fellow classmate, having no "reason" to do so? According to the OP's "flawless logic", people only say hello to each other if they're scouting for potential fuck partners. In the world he lives in, people who are getting regular sex never say hello to anyone. And people who have better things to think about probably don't talk at all.

This whole conversation has been ridiculous, but good for a laugh. I love people who volunteer themselves to be made fun of.
This is based more on the individual in question.
Some people have high sex drives, some don't.
Some are men, some are women.
He's not "basically saying" anything, he's just rambling incoherently about how girls should fuck him because he says so. His ability to spew words without ever making a valid point is distinctly un-ISTP-like.

He should change his type to "unknown" and quit embarassing us.
You do realize you are basically saying that you can't be attracted to someone if you don't have sex with them.
Heh, ok. Carry on. By the way, the other one (CountryFried something) is a banned troll, cleverly disguised in a colored font.
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The time for clubbing was several pages ago. We're at the lynching stage now.
The fuck is this lil wayne shit doing here?

It's time to get out the clubs for some clubbing.
So, you reject girls you're not attracted to. Girls reject guys they're not attracted to. What's the difference? What are you trying to say?
Because I'm not attracted to them.
Girls are so busy rejecting guys
So what is it that you're demanding from these attractive, out-of-your-league women? Are you saying they should have sex with every guy who approaches them, to make sure nobody is left out?
Women must have at least 10 times more opportunities than I do.
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