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A question each for ISTP and ISTP women

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to women: have u ever approached a guy and initiated conversation with a guy that you were attracted to?

men: what would be your reaction to this?

this happened to me the other day. I was working on a set for a play in one of my theatre elective classes. I went to the 'green room' to get some coffee and one of the girls started talking to me. there arent many theatre majors and i notice they are a unique group of people. usually more outgoing and less socially blocked by social norms. They are easily able to be themselves. They're like louder artsy types...

Anyway a girl asked what my name and major was that day. Her friends/classmates were with her in the room when she said hi. She was a complete stranger. I didn't know how to react to this situation. It was completely unexpected. The girl was pretty good looking too. I may find her in the same spot tomorrow morning.
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some people are just social. and a lot of them have no idea that there are people who LIKE to be alone. so they want to help the poor introvert who's longing for social contact. or she wants to form solidarity in classes and therefore actively integrates strangers. or she was bored with the loud chitchat and was hoping for a more interesting conversation...
Most likely if a girl is starting up conversation with you (especially if you didn't even acknowledge her before) then she wants your d.
i could just leave this thread alone and move on.. but it's just too great of a laugh.
they are out of character with the rest of their sex?
wow. i have to add that to my profile. i always thought i was just fed up with stupid genderroles and refuse to play games. and i have a surprise for you: girls who send messages to guys in onlinedating get about as much responses as guys who send to girls. which is pretty frustrating if you only send your messages to guys you're "really into", so either they stop sending messages after very short time or do the same as most guys in onlinedating and send out little-effort-messages to everyone they think could be slightly interesting.

It is even less abstract of an idea on dating sites if you ever use one. Girls that send guys messages (which is rare) are more likely to be attached. They're more attracted from the beginning. You could probably easily manipulate girls like that lol cuz theyre so out of character with the rest of their sex that they must really be into you.
It's just how the world works. Women don't wanna look like 'sluts'. They don't wanna look easy. Society motivates them to a life of purity. [...]and the media makes women look like goddesses.
i have to agree with that for now. i don't think that's how the "world works", but it is the current normality. our relationship to sex is fucked up and it's hardly possible to distinguish between "natural human" and trained behavior of our society.
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