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A question for INTP females...

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I was wondering how you are when it's that time of the month.

I have a hypothesis that maybe because we are T and not F, and we do not like to share our feelings with anyone, that maybe we are more emotionally sensitive at this time than others.

I think I'm more emotionally unstable than most other people presumably because of all the feelings I supress all the time being an INTP, I can cry a lot during this time!

I will never know if this is true or not but it's a theory that does sort of make sense! Does anyone else experience the same thing whilst on their period in particular?

Sorry for boring any INTP males reading this!
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please delete this account - thank you.
Nah. No difference. But then again, my hormones are "controlled" synthetically...erhem.

However, the only thing I noticed when I had proper totm was that I came out in spots, my hair went all greasy and my nails brittle. But you are asking about emotions not vanity.

My adolescence...different story entirely....which may or may not be linked to the "manner of all women".

I'm not a good case study.:crazy:
Yeah, I tend to be more emotional when I have it, but I don't necisarrily cry for no reason [or a small reason] when I have it. The last time I cried when I had it was when I went to a Science/Math camp for a week striaght with a bunch of noisy kids who were mainly younger than me. It wasn't the bawl-y sort of crying, just silent tears.

Other than that, I just get terribly irritable and I don't want anyone to talk to me. Even when my parents got home from work, I would get a bit annoyed because they would want to talk to me and ask me about my day [the horror!].

Yeah. My introvertedness and feelerish side come out when I get it. Not fun.

**note I'm still in my teen years so my hormones are more wild :(**
I may get a little blue in the days prior, but it's not that noticeable. I'm moody anyway.
As INTPs we do often bottle it up and it surfaces at times of great stress and just bursts out with intensity. INTP women, I think, are subject to use PMS as the catalyst. I think INTP men do it perhaps as often, but it's not usually the result of sudden hormone doses since their hormones are more regulated. Their emotional outburts may be more random.

But as an INTP teenage girl, I do admit that I have a few emotionally tumultuous days before Aunt Flo comes calling. I don't cry at the drop of a pin, but it's just that I brood way more and have magnified reactions rather than sudden mood swings.
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Apparently that site doesn't like hotlinking. I'm (bored dnough to poke my head into this thread and) only seeing a standard "this image is being hotlinked" image. Try uploading it to imageshack, and reposting it from there.

Just trying to be helpful
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:mellow: What's PMS? d:

Not a good case study here, either. Four a year is more like... the time of the season.
I'm the same as OP. But if I do decide to let my emotions out at this time, I do it in the privacy of my own room when no one's around. I usually experience emotional fluctuations during the time before I get my period (PMS :sad:), though.
I'm definitely *way* more emotional a few days leading up to my period, almost insanely uncontrollable mood swings. It's frustrating because you know there's nothing you can do about it, but a part of you still wants to rationalise it :frustrating:
I don't get teary or emotional, I get irritable, cranky, mean, evil, etc. :blushed:
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I don't notice a change in my emotions.
When the intelligence of everyone else falls dramatically is when I know I'm experiencing PMS, because my tolerance for stupidity is even lower than normal.
Hahahaha... me too :tongue:
I don't notice a change in my emotions.
When everyone the intelligence of everyone else falls dramatically is when I know I'm experiencing PMS, because my tolerance for stupidity is even lower than normal.
It seems all the emotions I normally keep bottled up try to force their way to the surface, and since I'm not overly comfortable with that idea, I become very irritable and every single person I meet is a moron.
Haha, this is so true!
When everyone the intelligence of everyone else falls dramatically is when I know I'm experiencing PMS, because my tolerance for stupidity is even lower than normal.
I tend to have some depression just before the physical parts of the fun begins. I generally act more reclusive and nom people's faces a bit more than usual when they interrupt my solitude. xP Not all that odd, overall.
I definitely find myself more emotional on my period. I usually try to keep it all in until someone says or does something that really gets on my nerves. That's when it all comes out. Because of this, I tend to isolate myself even more during this time than when I'm not on my period.
i used to deny that it had any effect, but whenever I get angry now I have a think about where along the calendar I am and then it sinks in.
This womb business is annoying
I don't think it's necessary to apologize to any men for this post. The title of the thread is clear "A question for INTP females" and it's an interesting question. I know that I am pretty unemotional most of the time. I got choked up recently while watching "Interstellar" because I was so amazed with what modern astro-physics has discovered and was rooting for the characters to colonize new planets. But we INTPs are supposedly less good at handling feelings, so having little control over ugly emotional outburst seems to fit us well :)

But during that time of the month I get some cramps but nothing else. My mood is exactly the same. This is why I never understood the claim that women are emotional when they get their periods. I just have cramping and not much of it. Nothing else is different that I or my friends/family has ever noticed. It makes me think this monthly period = emotionally irrational is just a conspiracy for companies to justify why they won't promote us.
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