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Hi all,

I am trying to figure out what my dominant, aux., ter., and inf. funtions would be.

The problem is that I have found out that I use F most, then I use N, BUT my third (tertiary) preferred function is T and my use of the S function is very much underdeveloped.

So, my question is: When I was trying to comprehend the pattern used in MBTI, I understand that if a judging function (e.g. F or T) is your DOMINANT function, then your INFERIOR function *got to be* a judging function.

Is that correct?
Is my observation accurate?

So, in my case, how would I interpret what functions I might be using as a tertiary function, given my preference for T is **much** developed than my use of S functions; although at the same time, my dominant function is F, which is **much* developed than my use of N.
Consequently, given this strange scenario, how would I possibly figure out my MBTI type (as I know about the rule how Dom <--> INF and Aux. <--> Ter. functions are either a pair of judging or perceiving ones)?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance! :)
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