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Here is a link to my first ever video introduction for anyone, ever.

I am not 'fishing' for compliments nor am I over stating when I write:
This is a horrible video but, I didn't want to perfect it, I wanted it to be honest and natural for the sake of genuine representation of my self,especially as regards MBTI,so that I was not thinking or planning too much how to present myself.

I just shot it on a whim and thought it would be agood way to honestly portray myself for those on PerC who like learning about types and their variant manifestations.

In this video post, I ramble and drop topics.
I speak too quietly and my volume is terrible. Hopefully by the next video I'll have it all figured out...although, I like starting out abstract and whittling down so, if I make a follow-up video, it will probably be an explanation and/or elaboration on this original video.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to follow up on any topics I touch upon. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for watching my video,if you so choose.

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