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Sup. I've been gone a while, so I thought I'd give a little "re-introduction" (is that aloud?). Got a little hung up on my type, wrecked my brain trying to figure it all out, then said: "screw it" and forgot about this whole thing. Then I find myself doing volunteer work at a summer camp, and at this camp there was a staff "quote wall" where people noted the funniest moments at the ranch for future reference. One of such quote was the following:
"Person 1: What's your personality type?"
"Person 2: Oh! OBGYN!"
Naturally, people who didn't know about MBTI didn't get what was so funny, and one night as we're all reading the quote wall, a discussion begins talking about what myers briggs is and how it works, and just why this quote is so funny. Actually knowing what the hell's going on, I join in the conversation. Dispersing my wisdom of the Myers Briggs system and impressing everyone with my 1337 typer skillz. Then a voice erupts from the crowd "So what's your type?" the nonbeliever asked. "I don't know. I know I'm an introvert and an intuitive, but i'm a but fuzzy in the other two" "How could you know so much about a personality system if you don't even know you're own type?" And then the subject was dropped and we moved on to other quotes, like "This sucks more than a vacuum cleaner in space!!" But my mind was not focused on the quote wall. "She's right. How could I possibly know so much about this system and know so little about my own type? What was all of that research for if not a bit of self-discovery? What was all of that time spent for? And who am I talking to?"

And thus that brings me here. I want answers, and I intend to find them. Who wants to help! I have candy!!

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