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Of all the humans in this world, there is this uniquely introverted guy who's been living in his bubble for 24 years of his life. This guy had many friends, those that he would never hang out with because he feels like there's nothing much to talk about and he hate talks. He hates commitments, confrontations and anything that has the possibility of going wrong. Oh yes, he's one hell of a negative fellow.

However this guy has a special ability, one which are recognized by his so called friends and family. One that's very simple, he's understanding and he got his ways to make people feel better when they're feeling down. Though personally he doesn't care for them but he just knew how to make others feel better, and it takes very little time for him to understand someone completely.

You see this guy always thinks of worse before even getting into it. One as such is being in a relationship. He never been in one and wanted to have one badly. That feeling of being loved and loving your love is amazing to him so he always use his strong imagination skills to picture how it would be if he was in a relationship but his passive negative thinking always led his imagination into bad endings. For example, fairy tale love story then BAM!!! she dies in an accident or some deep love thingy and suddenly one of them got like this incurable disease. Can you imagine having this kind of mindset and being afraid of commitment, confrontations and etc makes you more than a coward.

All this while, there's a girl that likes him, she never really wanted to confess her feelings because they were work mates and things could go awkward from her point of view however that fine day she just had to confess. Being the coward who can't even keep an eye contact on others, he just said that he was flattered and all but the girl was pretty much opposite to what he is, she's fun, outgoing, extroverted and she knows her ways to handle guys as well so she asked him for a date. Oh, there's another flaw to this guy, he can never say 'no', so he said yes, but he knew in his head when their date day comes, he's gonna give yet another excuse to not go.

Finally the D-day came, at first he didn't want to go but then that day he had an emotional day because of how his brother was teasing and making fun at what a loser he is so he mustered his courage and just told himself to do it. It wasn't for his brother or the girl that asked him out but it was for himself, for him to prove that he's capable to carry a conversation with a stranger.

But what he doesn't know is that girl was the last love of his life. More stories on his first date of his life and how she became the love of his life on part 2. :)

Written by mastayuzen
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