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* Name - What do you preferred to be called? Rich
- Any nicknames? Only an Egg

* Male

Location - Where were you originally born? Where do you live today? Any interesting story behind that?
My family moved around a lot until I was ten and we settled in California. My memories of ages 7-9 are of the lower east side of Manhattan (Oliver Street, a block from Chinatown), which in 1948 was being torn up to build "projects". The old tenements were more interesting. Watch Lost Weekend with Ray Milland to see the neighborhood as it was then.
- If you could get up and go anywhere in the world at the present moment, where would you go and why?
I CAN get up and go anywhere, using military space-available flights, and I do so frequently. It's the ONLY way to fly! Particularly when you don't much care where the planes are going, as long as you stay in motion. The illusion of purpose, without the responsibility!

Age - How old are you? 71 in a couple of weeks.
Do you think you act your age? I never have.
If not, explain which age you think you resemble most. Probably the reverse: 17
Do it for the laughs. That's the idea.

Personal(ity) ~

* What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory?
Introvert; mainly college courses and a book: Please Understand Me. I liked Games People Play, and Maslow's
idea of studying healthy instead of dysfunctional people, and his Hierarchy of Needs.

* What type do you usually test as? INTP

* What are your favorite and least favorite personality types to be around? I'm not all that conversant with the various types, but I like optimistic people who are comfortable with long silences punctuated by brief, in-depth discussions of just about anything.

If you've taken any other personality tests, included but not limited to tests like the Enneargram and Big 5 (SLOAN), what were your results? Just the IQ test; somewhere around 140, and the Army intake exam where the GQ or General Technical score was 160.

Occupation ~

* Employed or Unemployed? Retired!

What is your education? In college, tell us your major. Psych BA, Educ Psych MA, teaching credential

What is your dream job? Writing dialogue for Big Bang Theory.

About You ~
* Tell us in a brief paragraph or two how you would describe yourself and what you hope to get out of this forum. I seem to be at my best relating via email, and at my worst dealing with people who don't want to get beneath the surface of things - for instance people who just hear the beat and never the lyrics, or hear the lyrics but don't realize what they're saying, or don't get the jokes. So I guess what I want to get out of this is more satisfying emails.

Other ~
What is your favorite section at the toy-store? Puzzles; complex train layouts and devices where a marble goes through chutes and ladders.

Do you collect anything? I used to have a collection of beer bottles from around the world, but that was half a century ago, before micro-breweries. Today there's no way to keep up!

What are your phobias? The usual: snakes, spiders, and the BTK killer.

Describe your favourite food until you drool. There's not enough space to go into detail about all the stuff I try to stay away from these days: sweets, mainly (macaroons, baklava, etc), but also shrimp scampi, lasagna, lemon grass soup, . . .

Some of the things that you give you jollies?
Reading's top of the list (Wind in the Willows, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Atlas Shrugged; thrillers about Sherlock, the Saint, Nero Wolfe (Sherlock's illegitimate son), Travis McGee, Spenser, Lucas Davenport); sci-fi (Heinlein, Van Vogt, Asimov, Varley, Poul Anderson).
Then movies (Quest for Fire, State Fair, The Visitors, Dead of Night, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Dinner Game (French version)).
Then aimless travel, wandering, seeing what there is to see.

What are your top five pet peeves? People with no sense of humor; people who want me to lead or follow when I just want to get out of the way and watch.

What would a perfect day be like for you? Alternating coffee in a Starbucks with a micro-brewery next door that has a window seat with good light for reading, and people-watching both indoors and out. Raquel, Sophia, and Bridget keep me supplied with brews. It's fairly quiet, with just enough falling water sounds and the white noise of subdued conversations. Every once in a while my favorite authors will stop by and ask advice on what their characters might do in a given situation.

Do you prefer a vegetarian or meat diet or both? Both, in moderation, but high on protein to complement an exercise regimen.

Other Other
~ Yay or Nay?

God and Souls: Not terribly interested in either, but photgraphing auras and chasing ghosts are interesting; Michael Crichton's Travels is a case in point.

The Death Penalty: saves a lot of expensive complexity. The downside of executing innocent people probably has about the same frequency as being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Premarital Sex: Preferably with presexual instruction (using light porn), vasectomies and tube-tie-ups. Five-year marriage contracts from age 13 on.

People are inherently good: if raised right; but even without that, I think most people try to live decent lives. Stephen Pinker has a good fifteen minutes on illustrating the ways in which folks used to be much more bloodthirsty than they are these days, when a cat burning would probably go unattended.

Destiny: 1/3 genes, 2/3 lifestyle choices; luck favors the prepared mind; 80% of success is simply showing up on time and sober; what success is differs from one person to the next.

Done drugs: just alcohol, but may try LSD if I get terminal cancer. The War on Drugs is probably the biggest, most hypocritical fiasco in our history, and ending it was one of the things suggested most in Obama's free-for-all request for input a year or two ago.

Kissed in the rain: Yes!

Re-reading a good book: I always have time for that.

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