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Humans can see themselves as special from others, no matter who they are.

Being of the same species with similar origins, qualities, and self-awareness, we develop systems to equalize us, like ethics and civil rights (whether done out of care or fear of human potential is debatable). The systems are chronically imperfect: leaders can be selfish, edicts can restrain innocence, cause pain, enable corruption.

If we strip away what we've made and imagined, we'd principally be left with similarities amongst us - superficial differences, and profound similarities. No-one is 'more good' than another on this level. Existence is one of the oldest equalizers there is, transcending superficial difference.

Via our systems the nature of 'goodness' alters beyond simply being human. 'Good' becomes the capacity to gain power, knowledge and wisdom (for better or for worse). If, without our flawed systems, we could acknowledge our common roots, these alternate forms of human 'goodness' would be subsets of common practice rather than houses for debate. It's Utopian, but I'm making a point. Under human law and order, 'special,' 'unique' and 'more-good-than' people are recognized despite the futility of the concepts. Fame, for instance, isn't necessary.

That brings us to the kicker: it may be true that none are more innately special than others, but human reign has necessitated revolutions and awakenings that could only have been pioneered by people, sung and unsung, willing to challenge norms and share themselves (and anyone is capable of this, each in their own way). It's the effort suggesting the human will and the indomitability of the will of life, which is truly remarkable, and not the 'uniqueness' of singular lives.

It may be impossible for human nature to ignore its egoism. However, forget society's normalization of amassing self-worth. My question to you:

In what way is the culmination of human history leading you to express yourself?

Ghandi and Susan B. Anthony became 'special' through the demands for civil rights
Luciano Pavarotti, Freddie Mercury and Janis Joplin through the evocative power of words through song
Tina Fey, Lucille Ball and Richard Pryor through comedy's stress alleviation and reflection of the times
Alan Turing and Marie Curie as geniuses of math and/or science provoking new thought...
The list goes on and on for sports, acting, various forms of production, various kinds of genius, more art...

We're all capable of giving back and overcoming. Where do you stand?

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For some, being a parent is the answer to that question.
However, for me it's something different.

Thanks to the work of philosophers dating all the way back to Antiquity, authors and play-writers during the Renaissance, and the science of modern psychology, I wish to find a place among the great psychologists and therapists of the modern age. My ambition is to study psychology and establish myself as a respected psychologist.

If I were to have my dreams come true, I'd be a famous artist or comedian where my work would reflect on our society, to use my voice to make a change. And even today I am trying to make a change. I am trying to help the people I come into contact with to see that humans can be so different, so unique from one another that we should marvel over this fact, not try to suppress it. I am a politician, an insignificant one as I am fairly local, but with every election, every legislation, I try to use my voice to change the world to what I believe would be a better place.

And who knows, maybe one day I can be a respected psychologist who has amassed so much influence that I can, together with co-workers and colleagues all around the country, change the way we treat our fellow brothers and sisters. Because in the end, all we have is each other.

I hope this answers your question. I hope I didn't completely misunderstand it.
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