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A welcoming kurrnjauh-meow by LadyCat

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I`m new here, got here by taking the personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology.
As for my type... I guess I`m a weirdo :crazy: I have taken 3 of those tests, including the one you seem to recommend and the results are different. The long test (156 questions) I took in my native language tells me I`m an INTP, the one that introduced me to this place, tells me I`m an INTJ and "your test" tells me I`m a "dreamy idealist".
What is a bit weird - I relate to all of these results almost 100% :laughing:

So hi, weirdo here :happy:
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I have a dumb question :unsure: What does " Era: Generation Y " or "Era: Generation X" mean?
Welcome what kinda of coffee can I get you?
Hmm, I`ll take one cocoa instead. Or if there is no cocoa, then `Mate Aguante` or peppermint tea would also be perfect :happy: Cafe Latte with soy milk is also okay... In fact - you can get me all of them :laughing:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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