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Abraham Lincoln: INTJ?

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So I've noticed that for some reason President Lincoln is consistently typed as either INTP or ENTP. However, as much as I'd love to claim him as one of my own, it doesn't seem right to me at all. The biggest reason for this is that I am all but certain he was a primary Ni user. The man literally predicted his own death in a dream, and had another recurring dream that took place on the eve of nearly every major event and battle of the Civil War. If that's not Ni, I don't know what is. The man seemed to just "know" things on a subconscious level in a way I could only dream of. Moreover, auxiliary Te makes a lot of sense as well. Watching the movie Lincoln, it is clear that the man knew how to make a goal or idea a reality, and knew how to be an excellent leader and organizer. He also seemed to have very strong personal values and convictions, not so much that they would cloud his judgement, but enough to form a strong moral compass, so tertiary Fi makes sense as well. For instance, he personally hated slavery with a passion, yet he was still initially willing to compromise on the issue with the South in order to preserve the Union and prevent war, showing an ability to make tough decisions as a leader and distinguish between his own beliefs and what was best for the nation. Almost everything about him screams INTJ. So I have to wonder: Why does everyone seem to think he is an xNTP? Would an xNTP (other than perhaps Thomas Jefferson) even have enough follow-through and drive to be elected President in the first place? What is it that I am missing here? Or am I right and Lincoln was totally an INTJ? Discuss.
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There's a thread about him here. Looks like Sparky's the only person who agrees with you on him being INTJ. Ouch.
I asked you why you thought he was INTJ in that other thread, and you never responded.
Thank you for linking that thread, because I tend to Google before creating a new one, just in case someone already made a similar thread.

I am sure many others agree Lincoln was INTJ, just that they have not spoken out about it.
Hang on a second...

OP, you're typing Abraham Lincoln based on a dramatised version of him that you saw in a film?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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