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Two questions:
1. Are there any Enfjs out there who think that teaching is too much to handle and took in some other career? Its not that I don't like children. Its too much work. anybody else feels that way?
2. are there any Enfjs who took on accounting as a career? Is it possible for Enfj to take that job?
Thank You
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I can only think if you're a CPA and had your own business. I think the networking and business growth fits ENFJ. The accounting work basically would fund your networking. Working in a large firm I think would not be as successful.
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I flunked accounting the first go round, and took it again. I somehow found myself years later doing medical billing and balancing the accounts, which......if anyone here has ever billed for Medicare, specifically in the Home Health'll know what I'm talking about. No such thing as a one time bill. It was the work environment that pulled me through. Not the actual job. I often found myself taking lots of coffee breaks and avoidance measures when my brain was about to bust with such factual things as the world of numbers! Lol!!!

If you're good with numbers though and you love that world, you might do well at it. What if you were to stay in the field of teaching, but do something different with it? Are there any other options for you that way? Just curious. I do know someone who I would peg as an INFP and was a teacher and went back to get a counseling degree. Later after becoming more of a family person, planned to go back into the school system as a guidance counselor. (Tossing some ideas out there for you)
Oh geez ho keep me away from the accounting books. I'd rather eat glass... Or eat least drink a bottle of tabasco straight...

Too boring for me but it all depends on your skill set... At least as much as your personality...
I was an accountant, my last job for a tax firm i did accounting.

personally, i hated it and it was boring, not enough human interaction
Thanks for your answers u guys. I really appreciate it . It put some of my confusion of what I wanna do in life in percepective because I like math but I don't want to sit in an office all day . I also want toteach but it seems so overwhelming like its a lot of work. Thanks a lot again.
Oh also, if you have a strong desire to teach, I wouldn't give it up... Teaching even part time can be remarkably fulfilling.
I just started a career in public accounting (external audit work included). I do a lot of traveling and have lots of interaction with people. Auditing is the extroverted side of accounting, in my opinion. If you have any questions to see if it's a good fit for you, I'd be happy to answer.
Thanks man I'll know to who to go to when it comes up:happy:
My ENFJ boyfriend and I had a conversation about this type of thing a while ago. He told me for instance he could never be a social worker because he feels so much for people that sometimes it is overwhelming. I think of the Fe function as an amplifier for other people's emotions and because it's your primary function its difficult to distance yourself. Teaching might be one of the occupations where you would pick up on kids desires to just play all the time. That might be a positive. Consider that you have some control over the feeling of a room. If kids don't want to learn you can re-design the lesson plan to get them excited. I think if there is one thing I have known ENFJs to be good at it's how to see how knowledge and ideas are applicable to themselves so maybe its possible for them to teach by showing kids how knowledge is applicable to them. There are other occupations though where you can help those in need indirectly without getting too emotionally involved. I mean I don't actually know what you mean by teaching being a lot of work--what do you mean?
I mean trying to give attention to each kid and meeting all there needs. Making the right plan for them. Making them interested. Those type of things.
Yeah, I could see that. And dealing with the bureaucracy would be annoying. Yuck. I just don't understand how you got from wanting to be a teacher to wanting to be an accountant. Lol. I think it's a pretty far leap. Do you really like math or something? Lol. As a fellow feeler, myself, I have to say that dealing with money all day would be completely without reward or meaning to my life and would make me so unhappy. But I could justify it if I really liked the people I worked with by saving the company money I'd be keeping my fellow employees their jobs. Idk. Do you think it's possible that you're just choosing it because of job stability? Some people are number crunchers independent of personality type but I just don't see how you jumped from teacher to accountant. No offense to either occupations.
Im very good in math. I enjoy it sometimes but i can't take the idea of sitting at a desk all day. ughhh
Oh my God then don't do it! Life is too short to do something you hate. When you think about it we spend most of our lives working. You should try to find something you love to do if you have to do it all the time. Are you in college right now? Because if you are I suggest taking a semester to just take classes that interest you to figure out what you might be interested in. Additionally there are books on reference in the library printed by the US Department of labor that list descriptions of various job outlooks and websites for further information. Figuring out what you'd like to do is better to do sooner than later. Trust me, I just picked something for the sake of picking when I graduated high school you have no idea how much I regret not figuring it out sooner. It has cost me a serious amount of money. Don't limit yourself to teacher or accountant. I know a woman who nets wild turkeys for a living, scuba diving instructors, ski resort owners who started out teaching skiing to kids in Colorado. Seriously, there are lots of jobs out there. The most interesting ones that don't turn up in a reference book are the ones listed under entrepreneur. :wink:
The market isn't looking good for those of us who were entering a path due to lack of better alternatives. The time is now to make those alternatives a reality. The MBTI used to be used to scan the employees for ENFJs in order to promote them and make them managers. You know you can be good at whatever you are interested in and get things done when you really want something enough. You just need to figure out what you want.
I just wanted to interject once again to shed a new light on accounting. Accounting emphasizes very little on math and much more on creating a holistic understanding of the financial health of an organization. As Warren Buffet says "accounting is the language of business."

So why should someone want to pursue accounting? Pursue it if you're interested in understanding how a business works, how government regulation affects commerce, and/or conducting risk analysis on fraudulent reporting or misstatements. Basically what I just described is the job of an external auditor who work at public accounting firms. I wouldn't recommend being a staff accountant for a corporation because the work is very repetitive and mundane.

Check out these websites if anything I said interested you.

Oh, there's also the tax profession but it doesn't excite me too much lol.
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