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I have observed that I am acutely sensitive to the needs and wants of others in my immediate surroundings. I often feel as if I am receptive to the "feel" of any certain environment and my default function is to (un)consciously develop an equilibrium with said environment as it changes. I have not placed any judgement on this behavior or what I have to learn/do with it.

My point of contention arrives when I do not know how to cope with the emotions I "pick up" from others. This may be the effect of being an ISTP that is relatively pathetically inadequate in terms of understanding emotions within myself. I am in an intimate relationship that is beginning to deepen, so this reaction to others' feelings is expounded when I am with my SO (who feels emotions very intensely) It has become a bit more noticeable to her as I retract and shrivel up when I feel like I have no means to deal with the emotions I absorb. :/ [/too feely for me speak]

Have any of you 9's felt this trend in your interactions with others? Do you understand how you feel in social interactions or do you absorb the emotions of others?
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