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Hi, I'm an INFJ and therefore am thinking way too hard about exactly what to say here and consequently taking way too long to do it. I will try to just jump in and tell you a little bit about me...

I'm in my forties (I have a feeling of disbelief as I write that even though I've been in my forties for 4 years now), and had a bit of a life transformation a few years ago. I left my career as an accountant (which I hated but didn't know how much I hated) and have tried to find something to do that makes me happy. I've turned myself into an artist (I sell photography and digital art at art shows) but decided last year that I don't want to do that full-time (partly because I don't want to starve). I FINALLY figured out that I need a career in the field of psychology. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this out 'cause it seems so obvious to me now. So, for the last year I've been taking psych classes post-bac with the intent to apply to a PhD program in December. My research interests are in career related stuff (personality, values, career choice, etc.) because I'd ultimately like to help others avoid the mistakes I made when originally choosing a career. So, here I am, on this site, trying to better understand myself and gain some insights that might help me help others.

You all seem like a fun group - I look forward to "meeting" you.

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