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Instead of being so hard on ourselves, why not look at the good sides of what we have

(What? Other people can be happy about their strengths, and we can't :tongue: I wonder why we subject ourselves to feeling disadvantaged just because people act like being eccentric might equal being stupid. Since when is emotional intelligence stupidity? Why should we conform to standards set by people who think they are elite? Why must we be brainwashed to degrade our own skills? So if we have to be degraded, what then would be the point of language, beauty, empathy?..Anyway.....)

Some advantages of being a highly emotional, intuitive, observant INFP:

  • We appreciate the value of emotions. We are the ones who are very aware of how the aspect of human nature, evil, can be hidden. Emotional abuse can be too subtle when people are evil or selfish, that there might be no real proof but we know that when certain emotions are present, the abuse is there. We can detect these scars very fast, and are the ones who react to a sense of justice easily
  • Even when we are at the darkest hours of our lives, whenever we really tap into our intuitions and inner worlds, we can often find a metaphoric gate or sparked visions to a brighter path or a more independently confident self. We ''just know'' what we are supposed to do, even if it means waiting for the right outcomes.
  • When approaching happiness and sadness, we often can look at different angles, with both creativity and reason. It often makes us more emotionally mature than others or we ourselves realize.
  • Due to our emotional capacity we are able to find light in the smallest things; the small signs of happy things that might come, subtle gestures, hidden meanings in words of poetry or messages, the warmth we might feel when we enter a beautiful place and so on. We are the ones who do not take small things for granted. We know that we can make truthful reality better with imagination if we add more to our courage, we know that intuition can lead us to be even more creative and understanding people. We know that a few right words from us can be enough to change a person's life into the most right direction, when we include our wisdom, warmth and sincerity.
  • When we are emotionally honest, we are a paradox. Although we are a paradox, our ability to be open about our weaknesses make us more genuine than most people, so in a way it also display a part of our strengths.

Feel free to add.
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