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Adversity and Responses

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I read a lot about atrocities and stuff and while this is purely a hypothetical, I'm curious as to what enneatypes would do the following if they had encountered the following types of atrocities

Atrocity 1: The town or village they lived in was basically attacked by enemy soldiers who basically smashed, looted, killed people left and right, bayonetted pregnant women.

Atrocity 2: Enemy strafed and bombed the villages in which they lived in; then deployed cluster bombs designed to deliberately look like toys figuring that if they could maim enough children, they would require more and more of the villages resources towards taking care of the children and impair their ability to fight an offensive

Atrocity 3: They lived in a city of no military value and was firebombed pretty much to total destruction and thousands died including their family.

Atrocity 4: Their family were in a city that was nuked: They were far away and didn't get the information for a long time but after seeing the destruction, shadows burned onto the wall, the deformities as people's faces were sandblasted and turned into walking crippled creatures that barely resembled the humans they once were, and all the birth defects that ensued

Victim 1: The person is so stunned by what happens and basically manages to cope with it and develops a desire to never see war again

Victim 2: Alternates between almost psychotic rage, debilitating depression, and all sorts of desire to find the people who did this, but ultimately does nothing.

Victim 3: Devotes his life to identifying these people as war-criminals and exposing all the wrong that was done. Though he may believe wrong was done on his side, and is fine with exposing it; he feels as if the "good guys" weren't all good and did some hideous shit that was unwarranted and needs to be seen.

He'd find like minded people who agree with him and believe in exposing the wrongdoing whether they get punished or not.

Victim 4A: Prior to the war, was a of respectable intelligence and cunning, and good with his hands. He wasn't extremely aggressive as a person, but was a person who could be known to hold a grudge if crossed. Following the war, has basically had almost all the emotion burned out of them and is simply motivated by a desire for revenge whether hot-blooded, or cold-blooded.

Even if they were 12 when attacked, they would be willing to attack even if they were 45 and the people who carried out the attacks were old men and no longer in the services of the militaries that did this to them.

They learn other languages, they learn how to hunt (realizing the same skill set to blow away deer can be used to blow away people) they either join a mercenary outfit (if they are unable to join the military), or a military (provided their moods don't get the better of them, they do an excellent job).

They try and read about the military history of the nation that victimized them and try and learn to the best of their ability the players involved (whatever is public knowledge): Their names, their ranks, even if possible what they were like as people, where they lived.

They create a list and work top down by rank (or convenience) and start picking them off in anyway they know how whether it be coming up behind them and driving a knife through them; tossing an incendiary on them and watching in glee as they run and scream as a living bonfire; shooting at close range; rifle attacks from 100-400 yards, sniping attacks in excess of 400 yards; finding their habits, rigging booby traps in their house while they are at work so as to ensure the death of their family and preferably them (i.e. burning down the house, jamming the doors so escape attempts fail, possibly rigging a few small explosives outside the house to drive them back in so they don't escape -- the character learned from the best). They would even figure out some way to insert themselves into their lives to get close.

The person does not care if he lives or dies, but does care about enacting his vengeance and would be willing to wait between kills to make them look like isolated incidences. He may also kill a few other innocent people to make it look random, make some kills look like robberies, or even gang-warfare.

Victim 4B: Prior to the war, was of a respectable intelligence, though not generally a cunning person, was good with his hands and could certainly plan creatively. The person was actually an idealist and was not a person interested in causing harm to others.

After the war, the person's over-arching drive would be to find them and punish them good and hard: Even if he felt that the country they were in did some serious atrocities, the attacks on them were totally wrong.

If he couldn't right the wrongs of what was done, he could at least ensure that the people who did this don't get to breathe.

He'd be willing to wait decades, and would be willing to learn whether in a pro-social way (military service, police force, hunting), or anti-social (rag-tag militia groups, mercenary outfits) if absolutely necessary how to effectively kill people. The person though possibly a bit moody would be able to control his seething anger and have realized that he can either let the anger destroy him or focus it into something of use. He believes that if he sets out to do something, he does it right as he values being skilled in able to do something as well as realizing that succeeding relies on doing it right.

This person eventually finds his targets and basically compiles a list from top to bottom in importance and sets out to exterminate them and their families if he can. He has an often poetic way of dishing out revenge: If his family were incinerated, he'd try within his ability to burn the victimizer and family alive; if they were bayonetted, he'd try and catch the victimizers pregnant wife or daughter and do the same. If he couldn't do this -- he'd just kill in the ways he can think of.

He'd probably have the biblical: "Fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth" mentality and would feel little guilt in doing this though because he believes he is completely and totally justified. He'd probably try and avoid collateral damage, but would be able to rationalize killing the victimizers children if his people's children were killed, or would be able to rationalize it if it happened to some other family by accident because it wasn't his goal. If he killed people who were not part of his hit-list, they would be people who he viewed to be a plague on the community such as gangsters, organized criminals, and stuff

He feels contented and kind of calm and almost feeling as if he has served the will of some kind of god. If he is not religious, he feels as if he has accomplished justice and has ridden the world of one piece of evil living within it -- and that's good.

To avoid being caught, he'd probably be the type to space his kills far apart. If he did kill other people, in the timeframe to throw off the scent, he would probably need to manufacture a justification as he's not inclined to kill innocents it would probably be gangsters who plague a community because they do no good. He'd probably feel as if he was ridding the world of a plague and each person eliminated would be one less, one less.

He doesn't want to die, but feels he has little to live for except to rid the world of these people. He may or may not be inclined to do acts of kindness when the mood hits him (charity, donating some blood).

Victim 5: Wishes to victimize others and "get in on it". This individual may end up ranging from anything from a brutal gangster, a dirty cop, a fellow war-criminal, a serial murderer.

Victim 6: Ends up joining a terrorist organization to avenge himself upon those who wronged his people. Like most of the others, any depravity his organization commits is acceptable, or "necessary" -- and there are no innocents.

The only healthy ones I see here are 1, and 3. The rest are unhealthy in one way or another, with the last 3 the worst.
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