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Advice about Life

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So basically it seems most INFP's have intuited that based on my avatar, I seem good natured, reserved, an avid reader, a keen observer of human nature, I appreciate humility with diversity bla bla bla :crazy:

Based on what you think (or in other words, intuit) and based on my picture, what kind of advice would you give me for my life?
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Always keep your head up.
Stay away from those cool kids in the back.

No seriously you seem well adjusted enough to figure things out as you go along.
don't over analyze everything, it will only cause you unwanted pain.
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Don't take things so seriously.
You are in control of your life and tomorrow is full of new opportunities. When everything seems to be against you, be your own best friend.
My biggest epiphany was that people are far more self absorbed than you think...they are all wrapped up in their bubbles - a lot of an INFPs fears socially are really unfounded as other people simply do NOT care...this can be both good and bad - but its easier to work with than to over-think things.

Best advice I have been given - its a cliche but true - when one door closes another one will open...just be ready for it as opportunities do NOT always last

Finally the best approach to life is -" Be excellent to each other " - thanks Bil and Ted's Excellent Adventure for the simplest and best philosophy on life
I'm only 19 so giving advice on how to live seems kind of strange, but if there's one thing that I've learned its don't let love consume you. Love is like chocolate, a little a bit is always good but eating too much will give you a stomach ache. :laughing:
Wear more yellow. All the cool kids are doing it plus it makes you look optimistic and friendly.
My advice is to not worry about other people's advice :happy:

seriously though, you can read everything and talk to everyone and get a million different opinions, 900,000 of which are likely to be valid, and 999,999 you'll likely learn something from... but only you know what's best for you! always follow what drives you within and take responsibility for your choices, create the universe you want to live in, and everyone's world gets a little better.
Smile much, laugh often, and don't let other personalities over power you and change who you are.
Life is about choices. Make some good and some bad, but in the end, they make up a life!!! :wink:
Learn to cook because when all else fails at least dinir will be good.
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