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What's happened so far:

Ok so basically I'm involved in an online feud in a sandbox MMO against neos. I basically help my side by reporting clans that are run by Neo-Nazis. So far I've gotten one of the biggest ones and their leader deleted and permanently banned over 3-4 times. He is basically using it to make money through a special feature the website has and I've been trying to stop him.

Last time he got someone to trace my friend's I.P address and send someone who is really rich that lives close to him to track down where he lives, get into his life and pretend to date him(Yes this happened to him irl). In doing so she hurt his emotions a lot until someone exposed what was going on to him and he quickly cut off all contact. Last time he used my friend's I.P address to DDoS him and my friend told me if he does it again he will contact the police.

This guy is crazy, ruthless in his goals and I'm not kidding. He will have people falsely befriend you over a kid's building MMO in order to try to find a way to hurt you for revenge and tries desperately to spread his ideology into the minds of kids.

He also might be an unhealthy INFJ, last time I managed to make him give up by constantly reporting him then preceding to call him out for what he did, making comebacks for all of his insults and he is EXTREMELY mad/angry at me. I got him permanently banned about 3-4 times in a row but he never stopped coming back. He now might know/believe that I was the one reporting him instead of my friend because I also admitted I was the one who was reporting and sabotaging his progress in the process.

For now I've made him give up/damaged his morale a lot and he went to another sandbox website but he still might be planning against me.

Down to the point

So anyway how can I prevent people on Skype from tracing my I.P? I use a specific Skype account for people I know on there and often have a proxy program turned on when accessing it. How can I hide my I.P when I access my Skype used to speak to people I associate with on that site and to be safe from receiving viruses? Right now he doesn't know my I.P and I use cyberghost.
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