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Hi everyone! I realize I haven't been around here in like...forever, because, well, I run a convention that I've always talked about a bunch. Since I've talked about it so much, I wanted to throw up a little bit about it just for fun, hope you find it interesting! (Hell, I hope you still remember me!) This is also for those "pics or it didn't happen" types. Oh, and on another note, I just finished my final final! I'm FINALLY graduating!


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Lolita Fashion Show:

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Random Stormtrooper chilling

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Random event:

Event Crowd Community Audience Convention

Opening ceremonies skit: (This year's theme was SCIENCE!...not to be confused with Science)

Event Performance Drama Talent show Orator

I've also got a very..."special" picture to share, but I'm going to put that in the personal pictures thread's...well, you'll see.

All round, the convention was a great success, we had 1450 people show up, over 20% more than last year, and over 50% more than the first year we took over running from the previous convention. We also had around 30% more events than last year, I think it was over 60, but I can't recall the number off the top of my head.

As much as I don't like...not existing for a couple of months a year, it really does feel worth it when things go well at the end, it's really satisfying.

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Hey hey hey !! Elastic man's back ;)

I remember when you first started posting about your convention and that you were having certain doubts about continuing it. Glad to see you did it after all.

Your posts and presence on PerC was missed.

We've lost quite a few regulars in the last few months to various states of business in their personal lives.

Oh ... remember @Ariana ... she decided she's an ENTJ and isn't with us anymore.
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