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age gaps, how big is too big? how young is too young?? I know a girl. I have known her for 2 years, people say drama brings people together and I would say thats vary true.

im vary sure she has bipolar, I think type 2. she thinks she has bipolar as well, add a VARY bad depressing home life, and she was having a vary hard time and thinking of killing her self for a while. age 13-14, but not anymore thanks to me, yea Im the hero that saved her. now she just turned 15

I was going though a vary depressing time my self at the time, but im normal mentally. just had a lot for crap going on, we became vary close good friends fast, over time me telling her I cared about her saved her, and when she told me she had feelings for me too helped me a lot, lets just say I did not have much love at home at all, parents acted like they hated me a lot, never said it. but still acted like it

us having the same problems helped us relate and understand one another vary well, she says she loves me, I have told her the same, we both know we dont know much about love, we both agree we have never cared this much for someone else before, and whatever were feeling is the closest to love we have ever felt. and yes were past the mushy feeling stage,

she has said she hopes we end up married someday, given that we both have never been in a real relationship before I have told her we would need to date for a long time, a year or more, and date around with other people for a time too before we could make that step. she agrees

the problem is she just turned 15 and im 18... we cant date. we cant act how we feel around other people, (no kissing, no holding hands, no time alone in person.)

our church has a rule no dating before 16 years of age, I respect that, however im a adult and shes not, so we need to wait until shes 18... 3 years.. and I must say the age gap thats 3 years and even 4 years for a few months really bugs me, I still have feelings for her, but the age gap... if she was 18 this would not bug me or others so much. but shes not, can you image waiting for 3 years to be with the person you care about? on top of that I need to leave for 2 years, going on a mission for my church 1 year from now, if you dont know what that is Bing ( LDS missions )

I live on a small town in the woods and theres no girls for no less then a 2 hour drive away, thats if I have the gas money and time to spend. any girls around here I have met dont have my standards, and even if there were I dont think I would want to date around, well not yet, I care for this one girl so much and want to date her, even if that means waiting, and shes willing to wait too

I would like to hear your thoughts and feelings on what I have been talking about, good, bad, or hurtful if its something you really think I need to hear. heres a list of some of the things I would like to hear about the most, feel free to tell me more and add your thoughts

1 how young she is

2 the age gap of 3 sometimes 4 years

3 that were both the first "love" or person the other has had in there life

4 how all the drama messes with each of us

5 the chances of us waiting and this still working out

sorry about how long that is and if there's misspells, thanks!
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