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Another one, found on the net:



I came across your site and read some letters on personality types. I thought you may be able to help me a little as you seem to know so much about the subject :)

I'm a messed up 21 year old gal. Messed up in the sense I don't know what I'm doing in the world and seem to suffer from certain problems: depression, social anxiety, performance anxiety, perfectionism. I may even be bipolar! But I'm on the waiting list to see a Psychiatrist, and hopefully things will sort themselves out.

Now I'm confused. I've taken the MBTI test hundreds of times, and it always comes back as INFP. Which is all fine and well, but I hate people! I don't feel Compassion - I hate the human race and what our species has done to this world and each other! I certainly don't see myself as a Princess Diana type. I'm selfish and seem to have a lot of aggression inside. Although I probably think too much about negative things too.

Is it possible to be more than one type? I can't seem to agree with any one totally.

Thanks for reading anyway.. I hope I haven't put you off by hating all humans."


Hi T,

I would not be surprised to find that you are INFP - in fact, I am almost certain that you are. More on that later...

First, lets talk a little about hate. People are not born with hate. People learn hate. I believe that there are only two emotions - love and fear. Some people view this as good and evil. God blesses us at birth with an abundance of love. Children are innocent and know only love. It is the evil, the fear that rules the earth that teaches us to hate.

You claim that you hate mankind because of "what we have done to the world and each other." That doesn't make any sense. If you were really full of hate, you would love what we have done to each other. You would find strength in the wrongs of the world, not Disillusionment in the wrongs of the world. If you were truly without compassion, you would rejoice with the state of things.

The real problem is that, as an INFP, you care more than most people but are not certain about how to express it. The mental anguish that you feel is based in your own fear that you will not succeed in vanquishing the evil that surrounds us. The INFP is the true and purest warrior and has always played this role throughout history. Sometimes they just need a little direction. To be strong warrior, you need to put your own fears aside and find an outlet for your love. This might be some social cause that is important to you, it might be working with the poor or the environment. Regardless, there is some outlet there for you and the world needs you to take your place.

I am not a psychiatrist, but I do not believe that you are bipolar. This is usually not a problem with INFP's. Depression is a likely possibility. What ever Professional opinion you get, please get another one as the treatments are not the same, although some of the symptoms are similar.

As far as the MBTI stuff - remember that is only a guide to how we usually act. All people are many different types during a typical day. We can get into the reasons for this another time.

I am very glad that you were able to share you feelings with me. I hope this helps and I encourage you to do further research. I will always be available to help. "

David DeVaughn

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Wow! Insightful! I admire the way David DeVaughn put his thoughts together to help this gal!
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