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Hi, i love communist/political jokes and memes. But more than that, i love my grades :tongue:

Grades are my breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are my life and death, my utopia and dystopia, my myopia and hyperopia.

A+ A++ A A+ A+ A A A++

Unfortunately, everybody seems to alienate you when you are a straight-A student. All they think is, Juana is so smart oh my gawd. They don't think Juana is a good friend or Juana is a hard worker, they think i literally get A-pluses like i catch raindrops from the sky.

And then nobody wants to be your friend. They just need your help and they need someone to be jealous of :rolleyes: They build a mental wall between you and themselves because you are different.

I love socializing and fun, and i don't know how i ever got here.

Anybody else who cannot make true social connections because of success, comment. One day we will meet like-minded people who are not so lame.

¡Venceremos! We will succeed!
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