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Am I a 7w6 OR 6w7?

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So, there has been some discussion on Personality Cafe about my being a 6w7 or 7w6, and I thought I would take an extensive look at this subject.

You can find my Enneagram Questionnaire (and general type discussion) here:

Otherwise, I have posted lists of things I do and do not relate to about both Type 7 and Type 6 (scroll down). Feel free to vote in my poll above, or discuss in the comments below! :)

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What I Relate To About Type 7

- I care more than most about having fun.

- One of my talents is my ability to drum up enthusiasm and optimism in myself and others.

- I am funny and a bit of a natural comedian (though I have never felt confident admitting this;; I do know it to be true).

- I desire to entertain others, and make them happy + laugh.

- I tend to distract myself with constant mental stimulation when I am stressed.

- I become a worn-out husk, incapable of self-care when at my lowest (not from too many “fun” activities, but from too many approaches to trying to solve or "fix" the problem).

- I desire to be colorful and noticeable, but also entertainingly different.

- I chase after work that is fun, and does not tie me down (in fact, I want to work as little as possible in life!).

- I strongly relate to the type 7w6 descriptions; including: “People of this subtype will attempt to find satisfaction forthemselves, while looking to other people as additional sources of stimulation and happiness.”

- I think I am loveable and endearing, with a sense of humor that is light-hearted and silly.

- I tend to be generous with my money, to extend my own and others fun and enjoyment.

- I relate to this sentiment: “They are a kaleidoscope of contrasting traits - ingratiating and sassy, vulnerable and resilient, spontaneous and dependable, adult and childlike.”

- I want to be loved and fall in love easily (being in love is like ecstasy!).

- I can be quite funny with an underlying tone of anxiety beneath the surface.

- All of this is true of me when unhealthy: “Unhealthy people of this subtype tend to be insecure. They want to have the approval and affection of others and will likely experience acute problems with inferiorty and anxiety, traits which are problems for each of the component subtypes. They will turn to other people, tearfully but obnoxiously demanding that others solve their problems for them. If this does not work, people of this subtype become hysterical and helpless, alternately thrashing around and lashing out, driving away others and seeking to bring them back to their sides. This subtype is also highly prone to self-destructive behaviors and dramatic, masochistic episodes, such as suicide attempts.”

- I am motivated by the need to be happy, contribute to the world, and avoid pain and suffering.

- These traits describe me: Enthusiastic, Fun-Loving, Lively, Energetic, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Charming, Curious, Light-Hearted, Generous, Impulsive, Rebellious, Restless, Opinionated, Distracted, Un-reliable (at times), and Self-Destructive.

- I am optimistic, outgoing, and good at doing many things.

- I look for new and intriguing experiences.

- I like relationships that are exciting and intense, yet steady and dependable too.

- I want to live the good life, which includes delicious food, and plenty of fun and adventure!

- I have difficulty with people when they are needy, dependent, and negative.

- I love getting attention and laughs for telling good stories and funny jokes.

- I support people by getting them out of their bad moods and negativity.

- I worry about having my freedom jeopardized.

- I bounce back from setbacks quickly.

- As a feeling Type 7, I don’t mind listening to others process their emotions, so long as it’s not repetitive & they work to change the situation.

- I can sometimes be defensive and argumentative.

- I like to say the unexpected.

- I relate to this 7w6 definition: “Sevens with a strong Six wing (7w6) tend to be sensitive, ingratiating, committed, dutiful, anxious, insecure, easily hurt, and hesitant. They also appear fidgety and lighthearted.”

- I believe that the world is engaging, that I must seek out new experiences, and that the objective of life is to try everything.

- I relate to the basic drive of pleasure over pain.

- I can have an addictive personality.

- I am usually a positive person.

- I want to get along with others, and have fun; I am naturally extremely playful.

- I relate to this statement: “Unlike the stereotypes, they aren’t unrepentant cheaters or hedonists, they simply have a wide array of interests and an unusual capability to pick themselves up and move on after something traumatic.”

- I relate to this 7w6 description: “Type Seven is associated with the Id, the seat of unconscious desires. Type Six is associated with the Superego, which internalizes moral and social structures. The presence of a Six wing tempers the Type Seven, and makes them more considerate of others. Type Seven with a Six Wing, therefore, tends to be more social and tends to avoid conflict wherever possible. They may end up hiding their dislike for someone in order to preserve the peace. Sevens with a Six Wing are usually personable, likeable, and fun to have around.”

- I strongly relate to this Self-Preservation Type 7 profile: “Self-Preservation Sevens like to sample the world around them, but they do so cautiously, and tend to involve themselves in things that have survival value. They may be a more serious Seven than other types, and may actually appear to be very Five-like. However, they hop between interests like a Seven does. More likely to be introverted than extroverted, although this is not a rule. They place a special emphasis on activities that emphasize their physical security and health.”

What I Do Not Relate To About Type 7

- I wouldn’t say that I’m “trapped by compulsion” to have intense experiences;; though I do deeply desire them.

- I do not over-schedule myself, or book too many activities to distract myself.

- I am not easily bored;; I have plenty of great ideas on how to have fun!

- I don’t lack aesthetic finesse.

- These traits do not describe me: Self-Centered, Manic, Defensive.

- I don’t mind feeling obligated to others (as long as it’s a select few individuals;; such as loved ones).

- I don’t have a lot of friends or acquaintances;; just a close knit group of a few individuals.

- I do sometimes feel shy, vulnerable, and fragile inside, BUT others can usually tell when I’m not confident.

- I can be self-indulgent, but I don’t usually engage in excess (at least in my opinion).

- I don’t make more plans than I can carry out (I dislike being too “busy”- - it becomes overwhelming, and I don’t get to experience the purity of the experience if I do too much or over-commit).

- I don’t go out of my way to evade confrontation (though I’m not looking for a fight either).

- If I want a relationship to end, I have trouble breaking things off.

- I don’t tend to gloss over difficulties, or avoid my emotions (though I will avoid the darkest or most painful emotions).

- I don’t distract myself through gluttony.

- I don’t want to acquire more, and more resources (I tend to consider myself a minimalist - - with only the nice "necessities").

- I don’t fear stagnation (though it can be unpleasant).

- I am not typically the life of the party, unless I am around familiar peers (I need to feel safe and understood for my silliness to come out).

- I do not relate to the Social Subtype of Type 7: “Social Sevens direct their energy toward the connections within their social group, meaning that they can easily hop from one group of friends to the next. Many of their interests are oriented around interaction with others. Tends to be extroverted, tends to be Seven with a Six Wing, but this is not set in stone.”

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What I Relate To About Type 6

- I feel a virtue I have is Courage;; among my friends, I am recognized as one of the more “courageous” people they know (or so I’ve been told).

- I relate to being in the “Reactive” Harmonic Triad (“Positive” Harmonic Triad second).

- I do desire to be secure (which is tied with having fun;; I want to have fun in a secure environment).

- I identify with “trouble-shooting” or locating issues and thinking about solutions (I am very proactive).

- I relate to finding security in myself, and being very self-reliant.

- I have had a counter-phobic attitude as a child, to survive an adverse environment. Now that the threat is gone, I typically am much more phobic. I relate to the idea of “fight or flight”.

- I relate to the idea of being “adaptable”.

- I strongly relate to 6w7 descriptions (though not type 6 descriptions or motivations on a whole).

- This sentence describes me: “6w7s are sometimes called ‘The Buddy’ because they can be incredibly loyal and warm. They take a genuine interest in the lives of others.”

- I am quick to jump to the aid of others, especially when I see injustice.

- I relate to Self-Preservation and Sexual variant type 6’s: I want faith and stability in my physical security and in my intimate partner.

- I am skilled at deciphering whether someone is telling the truth (if I bother to pay attention).

- I am reactive and my reactions are immediate and colorful.

- I am likely to act impulsively under stress.

- I can be quite emotionally volatile (both positively and negatively);; though I only share or “release” this side of me around a trusted few who I know can handle it.

- I relate to what is discussed of 6w7 “callings”: work that lets them have fun while feeling safe.

- I relate to the following traits: Loyal, Curious, Caring, Compassionate, Witty, Practical, Responsible (though I resent this one, and only employ it when no one else steps up), Supportive, Honest, Reliable (mostly), Anxious, Unpredictable, Hyper-Vigilant.

- I feel close to my partner when we are standing together against a common enemy or working for a common cause.

- In a major crisis, I usually overcome my self-doubt and anxiety.

- I mistrust people who try to flatter me.

- I dislike pretension.

- I am usually responsible, hardworking, conscientious, and precise (though I dislike being in “responsible mode” and tend to seek “adult” type figures to do this for me). Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I want to. :tongue:

- I either think things through very carefully, or boldly take action.

- I do tend to either look to others to give me direction, or completely ignore advice and do whatever I want.

- When threatened, I either become anxious and seek protection, or confront the danger head on.

- I strongly relate to this sentiment: “Be open and honest. They feel safer when all the cards are on the table.”

- My personality is a bundle of contradictions.

- I do possess a childlike reactivity.

- I identify with -and try to champion- the underdog.

- I am capable of being profoundly dutiful and heroic.

- I do need reassurance and encouraging, positive feedback from friends and loved ones.

- Fear and doubt can undermine my sense of safety.

- I strongly relate to this: “A hero at heart, you are capable of great acts of loyalty and courage.”

What I Do Not Relate To About Type 6

- I do not see the world as a “dangerous” place - - in the past I have been too trusting. For most of my childhood and young adult life, I thought the world and people were only good (despite coming from an abusive background where there was evidence to the contrary everywhere I turned).

- I do not believe the objective of life is to: survive (I believe it is to have fun! & make a difference along the way).

- I occasionally think of “worst case” scenarios, but usually only go there if I have to (otherwise, this kind of negative thinking will ruin a plan in my opinion).

- I do not relate to finding security in groups, politics, other people, or belief systems.

- I don’t doubt everything.

- I do not believe that faith should be replaced with doubt (in fact, I resent this idea).

- I have never been cowardly a day in my life (I made a pact with myself when I was small, to always do what is right
no matter what the consequence).

- I am not arrogant, competitive, or cut-throat (nor have I ever been described in those terms).

- I do not relate to Social variant (SO) type 6’s, as I do not desire (nor do I care about) security within social groups.

- I don’t “scapegoat” my problems.

- I do not relate to the following traits: Alert, Controlling, Paranoid, Defensive, Rigid, Testy, Suspicious, Cruel, Sarcastic (I HATE sarcasm).

- I am not “alert by nature”.

- I do not test the loyalty of my friends or partner (though I use to when I was a child).

- I don’t necessarily prefer what is proven and predictable over what is new and unknown.

- I do not relate to 6w5 at all.

- My idealized image of myself is not: “Your idealized image is that you are supportive and do your duty.”

- I’m not a fan of playing devil’s advocate.

- I am not attracted to people who are strong, protective and/or have prestige.

- I am not slow to trust new acquaintances.

- I don’t assume people have hidden agendas (in fact, I don’t even assume people have agendas! :laughing:).

- I do not show allegiance over individuality.

- I don’t need the security of feeling that I belong; most of my life I have been an “outsider”.

- I do not avoid deviance, uncertainty and anything that is different from any group or idea to which you ascribe (I am very independent).

- I am not highly motivated to avoid disappointing friends or authority figures.

- I do not fear anything unproven or radical.

- I do not fear deviating from the norm (I have always been different from the norm and society at large).

- My greatest fear is not to be alone and unprotected (I was alone and unprotected for most of my life growing up!).

- This statement does not apply to me (I even resent this idea): “[…]you understand the value of making sacrifices for the group and are willing to enforce society's rules to ensure safety and security for all.”

- I do not persecute those who deviate from the rules or the norm.

- I reveal a lot of myself to others (usually first).

- I do not worship authority, nor do I fear it (I don’t hate authority either).

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Note: The lists for Type 6 and Type 7 were created by reading through (most) of the material on Type 6's and Type 7's on Personality Cafe. When I ran across something I either did or did not relate to, I sorted it into the appropriate category.

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I thought it important to give a few blurbs about who and what I was like as a small child (before life muddled me). My parents said I was a super happy baby, that learned to climb out of her crib at a very small age. They reported that I was very bossy and "in-charage" of my younger sister (two-years younger), and would not let her play with my toys (but apparently she would play with them when I went to sleep - - she's a 6w5). I had a lot of energy, and my parents said I was like a ray of sunshine, always laugher and smiles (though tantrums when I would get tired or not get something I wanted). They said I was incredibly persistent when I wanted something (like stop at nothing persistent). I was playful, energetic, and coy.

My parents said that when I was a baby they had a sheepskin rug that I would just roll around in and giggle, and rub my face in. They said it looked like I was high. :laughing:

I loved getting reactions out of people, and was a big tease. When I got older, my Type 1 father would come home to my sister and I having picnics on the roof (I always talked her into fun ideas;; like cleaning the house in superhero costumes!). On St.Patrick's day I would dye their toilet bowl water green. My family was really conservative and up-tight, so it was easy to get reactions out of them.

I never got into serious trouble, and most of my shenanigans were quite innocent. Many of my friends were type 7w6, and we would always go on "adventures". Once, we climbed on top of the local elementary school in the early night (we had heard there was a secret tunnel, and we were going to try to get in through the roof. . .it didn't make sense;; but that really didn't matter). While we were taking selfies on some sort of air-duct piping on the side of the building, a security guard came across us (I was the first to spot him), and you could tell he was just gobsmacked by what he saw. Three young girls giggling and taking selfies in the dark, climbing up the school. :tongue:

I never did any drugs, or anything more "sinister".

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Reasons I Have Questioned My Type In The Past

I have been studying the Enneagram for a few years now (maybe 5 years?), and I originally typed as a type 7 (and that continued to stick throughout the years, despite my questioning).

While much of type 7 fits me well, there are a few things that give me pause, that have never quite "fit". These include:

- As I mentioned before in the "Childhood" blurb, I have many type 7w6 friends. Similar to "traditional" type 7 descriptions, they tend to immerse themselves in many, many activities (they are what you would call "over busy"). I prefer to not have too many activities going on at once, and tend to get overwhelmed if I do not have time to decompress and internalize my experiences. Plus, if you're that busy, you barely feel or taste what you're consuming (much like eating too fast) - - I want to savor my experiences (I want to taste every flavor;; every bite!)

- Similar to the above concern, but I only relate to the upper levels of type 7 health, or the lowest levels. I have never related to what is in the middle (becoming more and more hyperactive, unable to say "no" to activities;; conspicuous consumption). When I am under stress, I tend to escape into my thoughts, or more introverted activities such as Netflix marathons, or practical matters (similar to a Type 9). I am not sure if this is due to a leaning towards introversion as a type 7, or an iNtuitive MBTI focus - - or both or neither.

- Even though I relate to and type as the MBTI type ENFP;; I score 50/50-ish on Extroversion vs. Introversion and Perceiving vs. Judging. Thus, I tend to lean a bit introverted. Most descriptions seem to make type 7's sound incapable of being introverts.

- I am not super social (similar to the introversion thread) - - I am loud and boisterous, funny and hilarious, once you get to know me, but until that point you might not notice me (irl).

- I don't hyperactively consume (while I do love experiences and nice things;; I believe I do so in moderation).

- I am not afraid of my feelings. Type 7 descriptions make 7's appear incapable of introspection or disinterested in emotions. I am highly interested in emotions and introspection (similar to a type 4). One of my majors in college was Psychology. I did want my focus in the psychology program to be the study of happiness (and I do stay away from my own darker emotions, as well as psychological topics) - - but this is still more than many types combined. This does not seem compatible with Type 7. Perhaps it has to do with type 4 possibly being in my tritype? Or again, being an iNtuitive MBTI type?

I'll add more if I think of them, but I think those are the biggies. :)

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Looks like the poll is inching closer and closer towards a tie game. :laughing:

So, I've discussed in a post above, why I have questioned Type 7 being my Enneagram type (team Type 7, feel free to address why those concerns are not issues for me being a Type 7).

& I think it worth mention that when my husband and I read over Type 6 he laughed. Not because Type 6's are funny, but because it didn't sound like me. I don't feel I can relate to much of the motivations of being a type 6 (though type 6w7 descriptions get much closer, because they leave out much of the paranoid, suspicious, and negative tendencies). But shouldn't I be able to relate to the main type description?

Does anyone have any input or reflections as to why Type 6 or Type 7?

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I think (as per the usual of my Enneagram questioning) all roads lead back to Type 7 (even if not every aspect seems to fit;; at least with what knowledge of the Enneagram I have - - maybe there are aspects of the MBTI that can help explain these phenomena?).

Anyroad, this decisions is mostly due to the fact that I do not relate to the core 6 issues. . .almost at all. . .I relate to pieces of Type 6 - - but not what they're all about. Whereas, with Type 7, I relate to what they're all about AND there are pieces that don't fit (here and there).

Anyways, thanks for everyone's votes and input! Feel free to keep voting! I enjoy watching the poll! :D

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I think that people might soon discover that the stronger a 6-wing in a type 7, the more superego one has. I think a 6-wing (especially a strong one) brings a lot more humanity to a type 7;; more than perhaps many have suspected or understood.

7w8 are id + id. It's a very different beast altogether.
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When you compare these two descriptions of Type 7w6 vs. 6w7 I relate a lot more to 7w6 (and this is true of most definitions - - but the contrast is fairly stark here):

Fine Distinctions: Type Sevens | Center for Spiritual Resources

Fine Distinctions: Type Sixes | Center for Spiritual Resources

It's also a description that gives 7w6 the conscience I know they have (especially heavy 6-wingers;; many of which are my friends).

What this has dug up, is an irritation with instinctual variants I originally typed myself as a 7w6 SP/SX (I have been playing with the Enneagram for years now;; but only discovered instinctual variants months ago). I did this, because when I take quizzes and surveys about instinctual variants, I get very high scores for Self-Preservation and Sexual (almost tied, but usually SP is a bit higher), and really low scores for Social. BUT, when I look at the instinctual variant descriptions from the Type 7 link above, I relate much more to SX and SO! What gives???

SO, @alittlebear and @Living dead you might have been right about that Social instinctual variant. . .but I just don't get WHY?

If the instinctual variants are taken as standalone descriptions, I see myself as SP/SX. If I read the Type 7 instinctual variant descriptions, I would type myself as SX/SO (possibly SO/SX). AND THEN! If I read instinctual variant stackings for type 7, I type as SP/SX. What the heck!

Why are all the instinctual variant descriptions SO different?
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