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Am I a INTJ?

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I have taken 6 different MB tests the last day, and 4 say Im a INTJ while two say ISTJ.

So, how do I know what I am? It seems more to be of wording type of thing. Since English is my second language how the question is asked may affect how I answer the question.

Its the N or S question I get the different readings on. The other three are very stable.

I guess the INTJ are supposed to be very smart ( in serious test Ive always landed somewhere around 120, not that high, most IQ test can be thought with repitition ) but never been really good at School. Atleast not in our school system where boundries where never set. No homework needed etc..

I love to think about efficient use of materials and time. How to calculate making capital investments and depreciacion. Ive never studied it, but I would love to read about it. How to make a businesses more efficient and competetive. Im studying Social Economics, but I find it to teoretical, so its very boring to me. That and with a full time job, I get very low grades. So I should not be a INTJ?

Could anybody direct me somewhere I could find out if Im more inclined to N or S?
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Type 6 fits very well with ISTJ. Both are loyal, dependable, and "need to be needed", and take lots of steps for future security. 6w5, if I remember correctly, is constantly taking counter-measures to defend against the world, always in a state of vigilance. They're typically pretty well book-read. From what you describe, that sounds about right, but only you can decide that.

As for working with women... well, that may just be a male thing.
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