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Am i a Seven or an Eight?

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Hello everybody,
I have trouble figurin out weather i'm a 7 or an 8. The online tests say im an eight, but how to be sure?

The people, wether real or fictionnal that i admire most tend to be eights , and if i could choose, i'd prefer to be an eight over a seven. However what is making me hesitate, is that I have backed down from conflict acouple of times in the past and that people tends to think i'm very smart (aka a head type).

So, how to figure out?
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Seven is a head type, and eight is a gut type. Its easier to see someones head type online because we communicate with that primarily. What would really help is if you talked about your presence irl. How do you feel generally.. how do you carry yourself. How do others perceive you. What does it feel like to be in your own skin? What are your thoughts/feelings/fears when you are around other people?
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