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I'm confused.

I thought that perhaps I'm a Type 4 with a 5 wing, but reading the thread about Type 4 and it's wings, I'm starting to think that maybe I have a 3 wing. I said this because despite my tendencies to look withdrawn from people in the real world, I can also be quite social once I get to know these people. I read that the type 4's with the 5 wing are VERY withdrawn, but I am not hard to get to know of; When people ask me anything about me, I give them all the information and more about me without hesitation. I'm very open. I like to talk to people, both online and offline... I just need some time for myself, you know? I like to catch up with people... I like to be connected with people emotionally and mentally. I'm very sensitive to others needs. However, I like to be casual and fun with others and make everyone laugh. I like to explore the unknown... Whenever I walk out, I would walk around and discover new places, bonus points if with another friend by my side. :tongue:

What do you guys think? :mellow:
I can very well relate to what you say, and this is why I am still uncertain regarding my wing.
I remember having read (can't remember where though) that the type is more like a "sector" than a "point", so you can find yourself at any point of the sector, being closer to one of the wings or closer to the middle; so actually you can oscillate, maybe in different times of your life or in different occasions.
Regarding myself, I find traits of both wings, I like to talk about myself, I am extremely attentive to the way I appear (physically too) to the external world and enjoy social interactions if I am in a confortable environment; in the same time I am quite withdrawn, meeting new people is always tiring for me, with a lot of anxieties etc., I am extremely confortable by myself or with the very few people I know well and that know me well, social interactions are never very easy or spontaneous for me, even though once I start and the atmosphere is fine I enjoy them.
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