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I'll just start with the goods -

I'm a very tolerant individual. I've had to learn how to not tolerate certain behaviors.

My emotions took me close to two decades to get under control.

I can pick apart anything in my head. My body feels robotic.

I have a highly developed thinking skill and intuition skill. I learned these out of necessity.

I lack the ability for critical decision making and I lack what most people call common sense.

I can readily assimilate myself into a group. Bad happenings have made me hesitant to even try anymore.

Manipulating people is a game of poker.

I can see things about people. People give off a kind of vibe. This vibe speaks volumes about them, but lack of experience means I don't quite know what it means. As of late I notice facial expressions, body language and actual words - by reading them it speaks loads more about a person.

Even if a person claims otherwise, their actions and anything they do, usually has some reasoning behind it.

My own skills become better by seeing what someone else is doing. I automatically know what they are doing wrong. By using this I can in turn improve my own skills and see what I am doing wrong.

I'm not the type of person to openly say someone can crash at my sacred hang. However, should the need arise I've been more than generous (something I learn to regret).

I used to think everyone was my friend, or at least I got along with them.

There is a natural order to things. I normally will stay in a function called si and avoid this 'natural order'. When I look at this natural order, I can see things out of thin air. I doubt I am an N type, I cannot manifest decisions about people out of thin air, instead I can sense things.

One person mentioned that I can sense something about them. I knew what he was on about, but I couldn't put it into words at the time. I can now.

I can smell another person's emotions. I'm sensitive to the point I try to block it out.

Jaded experiences on the matter means I try to kill off my empathy.

Simple looks and gestures, even if there isn't a dictionary on the matter, they mean something, even if a person be lieing.

Showing me the same mind game on a few occasions means I'll see a way through it and develop a counter.

My own personality can be adjusted at will. I can assume roles, especially those based on what I've seen in other people. Certain things can be seen as 'this person would not do this, it would be out of character' or 'I can see this, those two fit and it makes sense'

I lack common sense.

How I dress, and everything I do, I see as an advertisement to other people. I don't care much for what they think or feel unless it is something new. However, it's more important how I see it in my mind.

I come off as in it for myself, which is a learned trait. I've had to learn to shy away from other people.

I am overly fascinated with the mannerisms of other people.

I know how to adjust my behavior based on speaking with someone, into something more interesting for them.

I do not understand the concept of a friend. Appearantly everyone is NOT my friend.

Does this fit?

[Edit] I'm overly gossipy. Which is the main reason I may be an ESFJ. I love to talk about people. I can start to see things about what they might be doing, or reasoning behind just how they are carrying themself. A lot of older people seem to notice this. I'm to the point I scan my environment for anything interesting.

I am big on building and maintaining projects in my spare time. Many get discarded once they have outlived their usefulness.

I used to be overly romantic in regards to people. I no longer rear this at people. Instead it is reared at mechanical objects. Far less trouble.

Certain atmospheres have ambience to them. Others do not.

I can smell when a person is full of shit.

I feel like a spy half the time. In my flashy atire, people are weary of me. In plain clothing, people say things in front of me, things they shouldn't.

Flying crap under the radar is easy.

Eliciting information based on the emotion in a person is an ability which is beginning to manifest. Just by wording something in a way that would indicate 'he's refusing to answer, so the answer is such and such'. It may make no sense to another person. Other people would counter such an idea. However, when I put it into play, it works out as correct in the end. I do not know why this works the way it does. It feels like the natural order of things.

I am still long winded, however, I have learned over time to make a better point.

I'm very good at controlling my will, unless I'm under a degree of stress.

I can dance between flexible or non-flexible at will.

I sometimes find I've copied someone else's mannerisms at a later date. Once I think about it, the mannerisms stop completely.

I have excellent memory in regards to people.

I get bored easily.

My personality is more rich than those around me.

I was under the belief as a kid that I had to improve myself to equal those around me. I've long surpassed them and I am paying the price for acting different.

I'm goofy as hell.

Humor and various mannerisms that most people have trouble learning, I learned without knowing it, until just recently.

Introspection hurts, as does abstract, but it can be done.

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You definitely sound like an extravert who probably uses Ti/Fe instead of Te/Fi... that's all I got.

I think my mum's ESFJ. I wouldn't say she's like you but maybe that's just individual differences? I'd say maybe more ESTP then ESFJ. I don't really know.:mellow:
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