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I've had the same conflict before. I think the INTP vibes come from tertiary Ti and/or Ni-Ti loops. I don't know enough about you to help much, but that's just something to think about.
The main difference is whether you use Ni or Ne. Keep in mind that INFJs have a Ni-dom, while INTPs are Ti-dom and Ne-aux. Here's a couple very brief descriptions I found from this thread:

Ni: Introverted Intuition is mainly interested in the abstract principles that underlie a given event, not in the event itself. For this reason, this function often provides insight and understanding.
Ni-dom (INFJ): They are stimulated by problems and enjoy an intellectual challenge and coming to new understandings. They possess an abstract and analytical mind that helps them to discover the underlying principles behind a particular situation. Intensely individualistic, they can walk the road less travelled.
The Extraverted Intuitive will conceptualize process and pattern within the overall picture, and is immediately aware of all the possibilities suggested by a particular situation. The focus is always on future possibilities, rather than the present moment.
Ti-dom (INTP):
Enjoy coming to new understandings, problem-solving and logic. Independent, skeptical and critical. Appear self-absorbed while they use step-by-step logic to discover the principles and connections that underlie the overall picture.]
There's plenty of other threads discussing the functions if you want to look into them more =)
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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