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Almost everyone starting out in something as complicated and abstract as personality typing can be confused. We have all been there. lol

Looking at your post, you come across as an Fe user. Let me give you a brief description of four key functions here:

1. Introverted Feeling (Fi): An inner castle of morals that causes the user to react to any word or action that would strike its boundaries. This causes the user to be very aware of his or her own feelings regarding an ethical or moral issue. FPs tend to "champion" a cause or belief they are close to very strongly and can go to great sacrifices in fighting for it.

2. Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Fe users are more likely to conform to the social norms and etiquette of a group that they care about. Fe is very aware of the emotional atmosphere in a room and can feel the emotional "auras" that others may exude.
- I relate to the latter very well and can literally feel someone else's emotions most of the time.

3. Extroverted Sensing (Se): Objectively seeing what is directly in front of you for what it really is. A broom is a broom and nothing more. This doesn't mean that SPs are incapable of being creative, but rather that they see reality for how it presents itself and they therefore live in it as it is now. That is why Se is always related to the "here-and-now" perception on life.

4. Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Objectively seeing what is NOT directly in front of you and what is possible. A broom can also be a lightsaber, a wig that has a cartoon character-like bump on the head once put on, a torch, and further on. Ne is the most open-minded function and tends to make its users very scatter-brained since it is perceiving so many possibilities at once. That is why ENPs are usually associated with ADHD: it is difficult for them to focus on one of their ideas when they have so many more flooding their minds.

Hope that helps. Please let me know what you think.
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