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I did the quiz, and I got INFP. However, my mom (ISTJ) swears I'm an ENFP. She says that I'm pretty social and extroverted, and she says that while she reads the description of ENFP, it sounds just like me. Well, I can see myself in both types, is this weird? Here are some typical character traits I have:

- I'm super curious
- Very emotional and sensitive
- Can't take any criticism
- I'm never calm
- My mood doesn't change quickly, but there are weeks where I'm extremely happy, and then suddenly there come weeks where I'm super sad
- Really idealistic
- Really sincere and honest
- Extremely loyal
- I can't be mad at somebody for too long. e.g. - I have a friend that in the past really insulted me, and now she pretends as if nothing happened, and I just can't be mad at her.
- I don't find it hard to introduce myself to new people, I'm pretty confident. However, I find it really hard to keep up conversation - I always ask questions, but if the person next to me isn't very talkative, I can't initiate conversation.
- I like being the listener in small chats, and I'm talkative only with my closest of people. I tend to be super awkward if somebody asks something about me - how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking etc.
- I'm not very patient.
- People think I'm silent, but in front of my family and my closest friends I'm not.
- I daydream really often
- I hate big groups, I prefer small groups of 2 or 3 people, I feel super anxious if I'm in big group
- I do and say and behave awkwardly if for some reason I become the center of attention
- Very unorganized
- Super untidy
- I hardly make new friends. I mean, I get to know so many people, and I'm somehow sociable on daily basis, I talk with many people, but then I hardly make friends.. (idk if you understand what I mean)
- I can't express my feelings
- While I'm in 3+ company I get absorbed in my thoughts, so I often ignore people and surroundings.
- Often times (almost always) my ideas remain just ideas (like a typical ENFP), but there are some ideas I find really awesome and worth giving them a try, and when I do so, I dedicate all of my mind and much of my time to them.
- I always procrastinate, and even when I try to make my homework, on time... Well, this never happens, I ALWAYS procrastinate
- I'm always late. Even when I try to be on time something happens and I'm late
- I tend to forget to get off pubic transport. This is strange, but true - I often get so absorbed in my book or in my thoughts that I forget that I have to get off.
- My orientation skills suck
- When something bores me (every Math class, duh) I can't focus and start to daydream. I've tried to stay focused, but it never works.
- I stay calm in stressful situations.
- When I talk in front of many people I get panicked and super anxious and shaky, but I manage to control my emotions and people say I look confident while talking (although they always point out that I've been super shaky and that my whole body had been shaking tremendously)
- I'm good improviser
- I don't like fighting, but I'm not from the peaceful people. When somebody does something (that involves me) and I don't like it or I think it's shameful or sth. I start arguing.
- I can be easily angered, but I show my real anger only in front of my family.
- I'm not really hard-working, I'd say I'm lazy
- I am very enthusiastic and passionate about everything
- I don't care if I dress appropriate and trendy, or not. If I like something I give it a go, and I don't give a s***t what people think of me.

So, yup, that is me. I sound more like an INFP, but then again I'm not really sure. I just want to hear your opinion about this. If you have any questions - ask, and if you don't - please, don't hesitate to write what you think. :)

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Probably ENFP. I mean, your OP certainly points towards INFP but that's your view on yourself and it's not really as reliable as an objective assessment from someone who probably knows you the best. For example, we tend to say things like "I'm never calm" and "I stay calm in stressful situations" when describing ourselves which obviously can't be correct. Still, I'd check out ENFP vs INFP.
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