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Am I an INTJ or am I mistyped?

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1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
I just found out I have a third nipple and that has really taken a toll on my self image. I've been questioning everything I thought I knew about myself and wondering if my perception of the world has ever been correct.

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, I've been getting INTJ on every test I have taken and read up on the cognitive functions, so I'm concerned about my answers being biased. I'll try my best to avoid that, however.

2. What type(s) do you usually score as on tests?

I've scored mostly INTJ, sometimes INTP, and occasionally ISTJ. I've scored mostly INTp in Socionics, sometimes INTj, with ISTp also likely.

3. Choose 2 photos and look at each for as long as you feel that you need. Copy and paste the photos here:

Where is this? Who are those people? Are they they scientists or tourists? Is this the crater of a volcano? A rock quarry? Looks fairly hot at that location, as well.

Aaaand of course I can't find the pictures again. Oh well.
It's awfully dim for an airport. That lady sitting there is probably the mother of the little kid by the window. It's awfully inconvenient to wear heels to an airport. Do people realize they're going to be standing in line for hours? Is looking posh really worth all the pain?

4. You are on the clock to fix something, a friend of yours sits beside you and gives a lot of interesting ideas, none of them actually help or are related to your situation, but they are still something you find interesting. What is your reaction? What do you say? What do you do? What's your train of thought?

I'll probably try to direct the person's attention to the task at hand, but keep his/her ideas in the back of my mind to contemplate over and discuss with that person later. I'll try to be polite about it at first, saying something along the lines of, "That sounds cool. Let's talk about it after we fix this thing. Any ideas?"

5a. What are some of your most important values?

I'm not sure. I suppose the most important thing to me is to keep an open mind and be open to new ideas and experiences. I think the worst thing somebody can do is miss out on something interesting simply because they were too scared or stubborn for change.

5b. Can they change? What would be the reason if they changed?

I am open to change. I think values should not be set in stone and certain things that would be considered "wrong" under normal circumstances can be acceptable under others. For example, I think almost everybody can agree that murder is destructive, but I think it's acceptable if somebody was trying to protect their own life or the lives of others.

6. You are in a car with some other people, the people in the car are talking. Someone makes a claim that you see as immoral/rude/cruel. What is your inward reaction? What do you think? What do you say?

I would probably feel surprised and ask that person about the reasoning behind their statement. If they fail to convince me, I will continue to ask them questions until their "logic" becomes unraveled.

7. a) What activities energizes you the most? Why?

Reading definitely energizes me. It allows me to step away form whatever may be going on in my life at the time and devote my attention to a different world entirely. I also enjoy being on the internet (not sure if anybody doesnt). Showering also energizes me because I can completely let my guard down in the shower since nobody can see me.

7. b) What activities drains you the most? Why?

I don't enjoy sports or any sort of physical competition. I just can't seem to get the motivation to win. I feel no rush of euphoria when I do win and feel no disappointment if I lose, either. Going to dances, large parties, for extended periods of time is also tiring.

8. Do you believe you are introverted or extraverted? Why do you believe that? (Please be as detailed as possible)

I'm fairly certain that I am introverted because I dread things like interviews and auditions. At school, I would withhold from expressing myself to a teacher because I feel that it would be too awkward. When I talk to other people, I often find myself avoiding eye contact. I also find myself talking really fast and trailing off during conversations because I feel uncomfortable. I feel extremely tired after parties, and even after six or seven hours with a close friend. I am perfectly content by myself and don't usually crave being around other people.

9. Please describe yourself, what do you see as your greatest strengths and what do you see as your greatest weaknesses?

Strengths: I am good at coming up with great ideas, if I do say so myself. I can think of things nobody else has thought about. I am hard to scare or surprise (ex. If somebody is acting mysterious and coy a few days before my birthday, I might come to the conclusion that they are planning a surprise birthday party for me). I tend to do very well in school. I come off as very placid and calm.

Weaknesses: I am not expressive whatsoever. I have terrible acting skills. If I don't have the motivation to do something, I will probably not do it. I have a hard time keeping track of stuff like my cell phone and my keys. I am really bad at sports. I do not bother to be tactful around people I don't like. In leadership situations, I often reject the methods and ideas of others often because they are not the way I would do something.

10. Please describe yourself when you are feeling stressed. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

Under stress, I will abandon all notions of politeness and social etiquette. If somebody gets in my way, I will snap and lash out at them. I can become overly frustrated if something completely unrelated and insignificant goes amiss, such as not having toilet paper around after using the bathroom.

11. What is your "soft spot" (the area that makes you upset if people mess with)?

I don't really know... I guess I get frustrated when people try to force me to be expressive or to play sports, since those are things I'm not naturally good at.

12. What are most of the ideas/thoughts you get generally centered around (try to expand your answers as much as possible)?

Um... a lot of things? I guess a lot of them are about myself and my opinions. Sometimes I'll think about different perspectives on various situations. A lot of my thoughts are about typology. I'm always trying to type other people and understnad the functions a little better.

13. What's your opinion of getting frequent feedback on what you do? (Someone pointing out what is good, what is bad, what and how to improve) Is there a limit to how often you want feedback? If so, what is the limit?

I think feedback is great, as long as it is honest. I also want feedback to be specific. For example, if I'm say, writing a book, I will get frustrated if somebody just tells me it's "great", or if it's "bad". I want to hear things like, "The beginning doesn't do a good job of setting the story" or "The dialog is very deep and thought provoking". I also don't like it when somebody turns criticism about my work into a personal attack. If somebody doesn't like something I drew, I would be perfectly okay with them saying that the art isn't great, but I would be annoyed if they say something along the lines of, "You have a terrible eye for art."

14. Anything beyond what has been discussed that you would like to add?

Nothing that I can think of. If you have any more questions, please ask! Thank you!
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Quoting is painful on mobile phones. However, the toilet paper statement in question 10 sounds like an inferior Judging function to me. It's not what I associate with INTJ s. INTP seems more plausible to me, although it's quite possible that you could change my mind.
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