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Am I an INTP or a weird ENTP

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Hi guys,

I am new to personality cafe and have been trying to figure out my personality type. When I first took the test, five years ago, I came out as an INTP. After that first test I figured out how it worked and cannot take it reliably because I can answer to get whatever letters I want. There are several reasons for my doubt as to whether I am an INTP or an ENTP. First, I enjoy socializing and get a charge from it when I talk about ideas. No matter the group size if it has that content then I have fun. However, if it turns to small talk and short conversations are encouraged then I get drained very quickly and need to get out. At home I can get energized by playing chess online, reading, listening to music etc. But, after a certain point, I soon begin to get drained in those activities as well. I enjoy debating with people, but I often take a less adversarial position in it. I have the view that it should be for the benefit for both and serve to arrive at truth. In fact, I love playing devils advocate because it lets me think about various possibilities and lead me to making a decision on ideas that I have been mulling over in my solitude. I think this could partly be due to the fact that the test questions are not effective enough. It could also be that having 16 types is too arbitrary and even if 50 types are made it would still be too arbitrary. Not to mention the unnecessary complexity of adding more types and identifying the differences. So in the interest of pegging someone into a certain sandbox, would I be a weird ENTP or INTP?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to some thoughts on this.
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Sensors are quite dull to talk to, I think their main topic of conversation being to state the bleeding obvious. Extraverted sensors: let them do the talking, nod and smile a lot. They are still nice people, and they take the heat off you having to think up conversation. Introverted sensors: more difficult. I get on well with ISTx's, as a discussion on the logic of something is always possible and often interesting, but ISFx's...I don't feel like there is much common ground at all.

I think you're probably ENTP, OP.

(and hi, Callie! where you been?)
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