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Am I an INTP or a weird ENTP

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Hi guys,

I am new to personality cafe and have been trying to figure out my personality type. When I first took the test, five years ago, I came out as an INTP. After that first test I figured out how it worked and cannot take it reliably because I can answer to get whatever letters I want. There are several reasons for my doubt as to whether I am an INTP or an ENTP. First, I enjoy socializing and get a charge from it when I talk about ideas. No matter the group size if it has that content then I have fun. However, if it turns to small talk and short conversations are encouraged then I get drained very quickly and need to get out. At home I can get energized by playing chess online, reading, listening to music etc. But, after a certain point, I soon begin to get drained in those activities as well. I enjoy debating with people, but I often take a less adversarial position in it. I have the view that it should be for the benefit for both and serve to arrive at truth. In fact, I love playing devils advocate because it lets me think about various possibilities and lead me to making a decision on ideas that I have been mulling over in my solitude. I think this could partly be due to the fact that the test questions are not effective enough. It could also be that having 16 types is too arbitrary and even if 50 types are made it would still be too arbitrary. Not to mention the unnecessary complexity of adding more types and identifying the differences. So in the interest of pegging someone into a certain sandbox, would I be a weird ENTP or INTP?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to some thoughts on this.
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Introverted functions don't create content, extroverted functions do.

Ne Ti: Creates an idea and figures out how to piece it together with Ti.

Ti Ne: Looks at an idea with Ti and comes up with an idea for how it works with Ne.

So if an Ne dom creates 3 connections and then looks at the idea with Ti then goes back to Ne and repeat. A Ti dom would first look at an idea then create 1 connection and go back to Ti and repeat. This is why ENTPs have more content to share with the world and is why they're extroverted in converse to INTP.
I can sit around and refine an idea, or anything that I do, 20+ times until it's good enough. It makes me feel good, which is why I get energy from it. It sounds like you get your energy from creating and sharing your ideas. I like to do that as well, but not as much as an E. You also have Ti, and like some refinement activities but you eventually get bored of them.

Typing theory doesn't have anything to do with skill or ability. These functions are all based on the differences in size, shape and connections in different portions of the brain. So an Ne dominant will have more ideas to share, but that doesn't mean they're good ideas. Same with Ti spending time doing analysis, even though it might be incorrect. But while this is occurring, the brain will release neurotransmitters, so the person will feel good when they are using the largest portions of their brains. (I just made this up. Someone check for me.)

All of these behaviors that you can test for are just extrapolated from the functions and so they don't necessarily relate to your most used functions. Like you said, 16 types isn't enough for any population beyond 16 people. Almost everyone is a hybrid, with cognitive functions not in the correct order, and everyone shares behavioral traits with all 16 types. This is because we all have a fairly similar brain because we're human, just the parts of the brain can be slightly different.

When I'm intoxicated, I come off as an E. I tend to want to stay up all night. It's kind of like my Ti gets turned off, or something. I got talked into tagging myself as an ENTP for a couple weeks. I also come off as an E when I'm around people that I know and get along with. But if I don't think if they'll be open to my ideas, I'll be quiet, for the most part because it's not worth the effort.
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