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Am I an INTP or ENTP?

I used to be an ENFP about a decade ago. But life has happened since then, and my personality has changed rather drastically. I've also been rather depressed for the past few years, so I can't tell if I'm a depressed ENTP or social INTP that likes to talk and connect with other people.

ENTP: I've been looking at it as to what has been my biggest weakness. Si as ENTP's lowest cognitive function or Fe as INTP's lowest cognitive function. When stressed, I tend to stop thinking and do whatever it takes to only feel (or sense?). Things like listening to music, drinking, or other more physical activities. Based on that, I would appear to be an ENTP.

INTP?: If Fe relates to harmony or recognizing other's feelings, I generally notice that something is "off," but it might take me some time to know what it is. I can be very perceptive about other's motivations, but I only factor in their feelings as one part of the equation. (So probably INTP?) While I used to be the devil's advocate type, and even now I tend to look at the perspective from all angles, I value harmony very highly now. And I will do a lot to preserve that harmony, whether that means being empathetic, trying to help the other person, etc. I used to irritate people all the time by being too blunt, but now I'm much better at it.

??: People wise, I like people. I like getting to know people. I have no problem opening up and sharing my thoughts with others.

ENTP?: I do tend to get bored very easily... If I'm not constantly thinking about something new or solving a new problem, I will probably get depressed.

INTP: At the same time I am rather laid back.

INTP: Not sure if I lead with Ne or Ti. My mom has typed herself as an ENTP and her version of leading with Ne seems to lead her to lots of random conclusions about things that are entirely off base. Perhaps it was because I was trained in my profession to think and analyze, but usually after I'm done analyzing something, others will say that my observation is unnervingly accurate. So perhaps I lead with Ti since I look for a more well-rounded picture?

Both: Problem solving wise, I like to cut down to the bottom line, then work from there to create a better system.

Other things I can relate to:
- ENTPs are highly invested in personal development and growth. INTPs are highly invested in developing an unbiased perception of themselves.

Both: I'm generally all about personal development, though at the moment I'd like to know which type I am so I can better understand myself and my relationships around me.

- ENTPs tend to leap before they look. INTPs tend to look before they leap.

INTP: I look before I leap.

- ENTPs tend to identify as ambiverts. INTPs tend to identify as definite introverts.

ENTP: Definite ambivert.

- ENTPs are charismatic and persuasive – seeing convincing others to do things their way as a fun challenge. INTPs dislike having to persuade others to do things their way, and wish that others would just intuitively know what they wanted.

ENTP: Yes. Persuasion is a fun challenge for me. I will look at all the data first, then after I come to a conclusion, I will persuade the ones around me using fact, emotions, anything at hand.

- ENTPs enlist others to take care of the details when they want a project accomplished. INTPs are more likely to tackle the details themselves – in the name of accuracy – when they want a project accomplished.

ENTP: Absolutely, delegating the details the others is key. I plan, it's my strength. Other's execute, it's not my strength.

- ENTPs tend to appear energetic and outgoing to others, even though they experience long periods of introverted focus and analysis. INTPs tend to appear laid-back and reserved to others, even though they have bouts of excitement and enthusiasm.

Both: That one is tough and depends on the environment. But generally if I'm in a place where I want to get to know people. I will appear energetic and outgoing and will reach out to others.

- ENTPs like to be alone with other people nearby – so they can share new ideas or thoughts if they come up. INTPs prefer to be completely alone when they’re alone, so they can ensure their thought process won’t be interrupted.

ENTP: Absolutely, I need to be around people! I love bouncing ideas off of others! I think outloud.

- ENTPs form an idea and then seek to manipulate the world around them to concede to their idea. INTPs evaluate the logic at hand and then form an idea that best corresponds to that logic.

INTP??: I try to understand the world around me as it is. Then I will see how I can apply that idea to the world.

- ENTPs enjoy debating and discussing ideas as a means of considering alternate perspectives and better understanding the topic. INTPs prefer independently reading and reflecting on a topic in order to gain a thorough understanding of it.

ENTP: Need to discuss things out to fully understand them! And I more than enjoy having someone with different perspectives from my own! Then the discussion gets reallllly interesting.

- ENTPs are often excited by personality theory and may immediately consider or ‘try on’ different types for size. INTPs are often skeptical of personality theory and will only begin to trust it once they consistently test as an INTP across various tests and assessments.

ENTP: ...Well okay. Yes personality theory is beyond exciting, I've been learning about it for years now.

- ENTPs are on an eternal quest for possibility, backed up by logic and accuracy. INTPs are on an eternal quest for truth, backed up by possibility.

Both: I want to know both?
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