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Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out my type, I'm stuck between isfj and intp but other options are welcomed too.

An online friend of mine and I have been trying to figure out my type for like half a year. At first they thought I was an infp, then it switched to infj, because I thought I was one, now it's come down to isfj or intp . The only thing they are pretty sure in is that I'm on the ti Fe axis. I'm quite bad at typing myself maybe because I'm not self aware enough or because I'm bad at seeing myself objectively .

I'm going to bring some examples that might indicate what functions I use so you can type me .

Okay so, I'd always ask my parents how I behaved after a social event . Someone on here pointed out that a high Fe user wouldn't have asked they'd have sensed that . What do you think ?

I took a test and got a high intuitive result, this was my response to the friend .

i think the reason why the intuitive is so high is because i answered several do you think about the future often questions positively. did it because i always play scenarios of what can happen in my head. i do it so much that i get tired of an event even before it happens. it doesnt seem like the present or the past so i went with future.

I'm going to copy and paste bits and pieces of conversations we've had. They told me to post on a forum because they think they're biased towards me not being a high Fe user. They think I'm either looping hard or am a ti dom.

…. the thing is when it comes to my behavior its influenced by the type i am at that moment like if i read that isfjs are xyz ill delude myself into that. so its like i cant trust my judgement. because ill be observing what im trying to be rather than what i am.

….Back when I was okay mentally I told my friend in front of another friend that he never keeps his promises anyway after they said they weren't feeling well and couldn't keep the promise they made. After that they stopped talking to me and years later when I confronted them they told me that I hurt them a lot with that statement and that was the reason they stopped talking to me. Could this be a sign of bad Fe too .

….How can you keep thinking for 24 hours do you not have a break. Wait maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way. People are describing their experience while their minds are on not when they are off, because the person asking how you think wants to understand the consistency of your mind. I can't stand when my mind isn't working. I'm mostly creating scenarios in my head infusing them with information I collect from YouTube videos, articles, the world around me and so on. What's a common thinking pattern between all or most intps or does every person have their unique way of processing stuff. But if there was a unique way of processing stuff and there were no commonalities then the personality type theories wouldn't exist would they. Or commonalities and uniqueness can exist at the same time so every person is unique in the frame of their respective type .

….I'm going through forums about intps and what/how they think and do I say I'm a little intimidated. Most replys say that their minds never shut up and they are always thinking about something and asking a lot of questions don't know if I process things this way. But I came across this post that said an obvious intp behaviour is that they won't accept the truth until it's completely validated in their heads. I think I do this considering the fact that you thought I was stubborn and not agreeable. But on the other hand isn't this normal human thing to do how do you understand something without it being completely validated in your head .

….When I was in the ninth grade I lashed out at my classmates for talking in the bus while I was trying to sleep called them selfish and disrespectful also blamed their upbringing in front of the whole class the teacher and some parents. Now looking back at it I was the selfish one for demanding things from them in a public place. Anyways could this be demonstration of a function, overall behaviour of a type or just selfishness and immaturity.

….For example my friend didn't reply to me for like a week and I slid into self deprecation. I'm not interesting or I don't have anything to talk about that's why she didn't reply then I confronted her and she said it's just her personality. It happened during the peak of me going bonkers. Is that inferior ne. Or just low self confidence .

….I literally deluded myself into thinking I'm this certain way because I'm an infj I need to start from a blank page. A good example would be my usage of Fe. Is it really as high as I thought it was. I would always say or rather think I'm an infj that likes arguments and discussions. I'm always bringing up opposing points to the conversations my family has maybe just for fun. It didn't really fit with the harmony and peace loving infj.

….When I was in school I wouldn't leave the class during breaks and continued for a long time could this be inferior ne or was it my fucked up mental health.I would refuse going to the desk in school and uni to do presentations or just answer some questions. Also I would tell myself to not have any expectations about anything when I was younger to not get disappointed when the events vibes didn't reach my expectations. Could this be inferior ne .

….That article about Fe grip sparked my interest . Before reading that I didn't really consider that I could be an intp. When I was extremely stressed I started dm ing people on here asking stupid questions like I always do. I was overly emotional would cry several times a day. An istp friend of mine was in a similar situation and she would cry all the time too. I know just crying isn't really a good indicator but being overly emotional and seeking for other people's attention kind of is if we trust that article.

….also i have this world in my head with quite a few characters everything that happens in the real world i try to convert into the world in my head and it becomes my entertainment so i consume a lot of in a way useless information. the characters all have mbti types assigned to them. one of them is a self insert and i have to change the character when my type changes i was going somewhere with this i swear .

….So my friend's friend told her something which made her really very upset, later I used that exact line they used to hurt my friend as a joke but it didn't land well. And my friend was upset with me too .

This is it for now I guess .
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