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Could you guys please help me?
My name's Victor, I'm 19 years old, I've did the MBTI test, and this is the results:

So, I'll gonna talk a little about me:

- I can't work with emotional pressure;
- I'm very shy with unfamiliar people;
- I'm very stressed;
- I'm very anxious;
- I worry a lot about my future (fear of being unemployed and things like that)
- I LOVE to explore and discover about what goes on in the people's lives;
- I love new adventures;
- I'm VERY curious (and i've did some wrong things because that);
- I love to fix my own things (Like my samsung smartphone and my PC, I avoid to pay for a repair);
- I REALLY love to talk to my friends and my family;
- I don't have patience for books;
- I'm very lacking in people;
- I'm self-taught;
- In the classroom i've been always the most alone and isolated guy;
- I really don't like routine;
- I'm very affectionate to my girlfriend, close friends or my family;
- I give preference to comfortable jobs;
- I often feel envious of people.

If you guys could help me, I would appreciate it.
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