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I'm a 19 year old girl from the Middle East and I really want to spend my free time here, making friends and learning things and sharing opinions. I'm a very nice girl, and I really hope that you are very nice people. Most things make me nervous. Like dreams. And birthday parties. Sometimes I feel very fragile and sometimes I feel very strong. Please call me Princess because that's what I am.

Speaking of dreams that make me nervous, a couple of nights ago, I had a dream that I was in a plane, that was actually more like a mansion in the sky, with three businessmen. The plane had lots and lots of drugs and money in it. They got into a fight at some point, and I slowly moved out of the giant room that was filled with the drugs, into a lift. I thought, "This lift probably isn't very good, because it's on a plane. I should have taken the stairs." I was so scared. I was certain that I would die, either by getting trapped in the lift, or being found and killed by the businessmen. I was sure it either would happen and the fear of it teared me apart. Then, I woke up very suddenly and had to remind myself that I was on my cozy bed in my lovely room, and that everything was okay. I was so scared and really wanted someone to comfort me, but there wasn't anyone there so I did it myself.

I think that describes me pretty well. I feel more comfortable telling you about this dream than telling you about my favorite colors and movies, but only because this is the internet, and you can't really stutter or blush on the internet.

I attached a photo of me, that my little sister took in a hotel in Dubai, a little more than a year ago.


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