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Hi All.

I would appreciate if some you ppl's could assist me in enlightening me to my type....

Very intellectual, thought and resource driven approach to life. I don't like wasting my time, or money when I am living my life.

Background: Restricted childhood, meaning I have been denied to go outdoors etc.

Father = very religious. Strict, no laughing in the house policy!
Mother = Severely restrictive, took out anger from husband on to me. She even admits to this and sayed sorry as well.
Result = Abandonment issues

I work within the IT department of an organisation. Many interesting and at the same time repetitive ICT operation functions. (Don't get me wrong, I like this job. )

Social Life:
I am incredibly shy with girls. Probably somehow ties in with childhood & restrictions?
However, I am very friendly with the people who do know me.
I don't hold back from people with my time, emotions, money, unless they hold back. In which case, I start ignoring/cutting them off.

I am all for studying interesting material. Everything from technical books to history to autobiography as long as the person isn't a tragedy of some sort.

I am hyper sensitive during most times. I don't act out any emotions on my face, but inside I can be extremely torn apart and no would know.

When I spend too much time outdoors I come back and have to lie down on my bed to work through the many emotions I would have felt.

And adding to that I do enjoy myself outside with friends, but there are always negatively charged moments. These moments can start by a simple event, like looking at a beautiful woman being an extreme example.

I also have issues taking criticism from anybody, and I think this makes me into a super "yes-man" employee. I do have bouts of depression and have been getting help with an EFT therapist. Google EFT Universe for more info

There have been scarring memories of emotional/physical abuse. And remnants of them still exist around.

I do have bouts of anger where I am known to "invade" and "destroy" entire nations for various economical & political reasons. I of course don't take myself seriously after a "vision" like that. The images start to become so violent that I detach and move on to more pleasant thoughts. It's what pushed me into therapy in the first place.

I have a very limited wardrobe. And I have no issue in wearing the same clothes, as long as they don't smell!

My purchasing decisions, especially for expensive items, are very thought out and reviewed. I recently bought a HTC Desire. It took me 1 month of research to reach that conclusion.
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