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Hey there, my first exposure to mbti was by a friend 2 years ago. i was depressed/angsty when i tested as an INFP and didn't return to mbti until now.
I am starting to feel that INFP does not fit well with my personality, I'll list basic info about me, some of my personality traits, and how my cognitive functions tend to work on a daily basis, here goes:

-I am an art student, I draw/paint/create something on a daily basis an have been doing so since my childhood. I reportedly drew b4 trying to write.

-I find art therapeutic, colors/shapes/patterns please me. I find symbolism to be interesting, in my own art I focus upon surreal patterns. I am skilled at copying photo realistic pictures, though I only draw abstract and free hand.

-I have 4 friends I consider close enough to discuss personal things with, yet I still withhold many feelings/thoughts from them.

-I have a vice for buying quality clothes and feel guilty about this. I often splurge on expensive things then denounce materialism altogether and comply strict minimalist rules for myself to follow. It is a ridiculous cycle, but i feel that i am finding a balance.

-I have been very spiritual before and read extensively upon buddhism and hinduism and considered becoming a monk as i felt uneasy about my materialism and was reading counter cultural/environmental things.

-I currently feel disinterested in religious spirituality and spiritual disciplines and feel annoyed with myself for escaping into the seemingly ideal realm of spiritual communities. I currently am unsure of where I stand, which is good I feel as I am not latching onto a community for the sake of identity or belonging, I am simply being.

-I used to routinely practice yoga for a year, now I rarely do it.

-I eat a vegan diet, I do not judge other peoples' diets or let it affect my opinion of them.

-I don't dislike a person for a long time if they have annoyed me, I accept that people are multifaceted and am quite forgiving. I realize that humans are imperfect.

-My usual day is spent drawing, listening to music, listening to talks via youtube e.g. psychology discussions, interviews with artists/musicians. Putting on random clothes, making lists and not fulfilling them, writing poetry, staring out of the window, thinking about people, collecting interesting things i find outside e.g a dead bee, eating food, going to music gigs. Reading occasionally, though I prefer visual stimuli such as bright colors. My shelves are stacked with printed fabrics, shells and stones from places I have traveled to.

-I go to an art college yet never socialize with any of my peers at lunch and stick to my friend from my old school, as he is one of my best friends and we are on the same wavelength. I can easily initiate a conversation with someone yet for some reason rarely want to, I prefer listening to music and drawing, being in my own zone. For some reason I have felt depressed because I don't socialize enough yet confusingly I don't want to.

-I am a procrastinator, though for a few years existed solely through routine. I still am quite controlled, by my diet I suppose and I have very good will power and will not succumb to popular opinion, however I don't become aggressive or try to change people and find it amusing when other people try to force their opinion upon me, I humor this.

-I am concerned with the future and always try to figure out new life plans, however I know that whatever happens will happen and find my thoughts to be only methods of distraction to cope with stress/boredom.

-I have been easily obsessed with people, some who I barely knew and some who have moved out of my life. This is why i wonder if I am a strong intuitive, as sometimes I have vivid dreams about people and places. The obsessions are emotionally difficult to deal with, however I feel that I subconsciously fabricate them in order to provide me with emotional intensity as that is the best energy for creating art and I might succumb to boredom if I have no inner turmoil.

-Appearance wise: I take care of my body by physical activity/ exercise/ healthy diet, I wear nice quality usually natural fabrics with aesthetically pleasing prints. And super comfortable shoes are important although I often wear uncomfortable painful shoes as I like the way they look. I wear colorful, clashing clothes from thrift stores and home made things.

-I am not easily moved by films/t.v emotionally unless they are thoughtful, complex films/shows. I rarely watch t.v as it bores me and I want to be creating art or reading about people or seeking self discovery. In this sense I am not fond of escapism into someone else's reality, unless it is art (as opposed to simple comedy shows).

-I probably seem quite serious, though I am very expressive and constantly make weird faces for no reason.

-I am a listener rather than a talker and greatly enjoy hearing about people's personal problems/emotions and like to offer guidance and seek guidance also.

-I have felt similar to INFJ also as I tend to be afraid of non conformity yet feel depressed when I am conforming against my instinctive desire. I am also very critical of myself and have no idea how others view me, which stresses me out. I also can be very organized and can round up a few people to do something if I feel that strongly about it.

-I can be really extroverted if in a small group, though never in a large group...

-I am concerned with environmental issues, yet admit that my own desires often outweigh my concern. However, I have certain ethical priorities that I will not forget such as buying from certain stores, eating certain foods, wearing certain materials...

I am not sure if this is too much information or not enough or seeming to matter of fact...
Anyway, I hope someone is patient/interested enough to read it and present some feedback regarding my type and hopefully I will not sound like an ass. I am doing some more reading on the cognitive functions to see which is my dominant atm. Help appreciated.

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Just going off my gut instinct after reading all that I would say you are an ISFP, but I am not the best typer so take my advice with a grain of salt. Instead you would be better off just reading through all these links about INFP vs ISFP vs INFJ:
INFP vs INFJ: 5 Surprising Differences To Tell Them Apart
ISFP vs. INFP | Prelude Character Analysis

Hopefully these links will be of help to you, if not you could always just ask the people over in the What's my Personality Type forum to get more responses. And I hope you have an awesome time on this forum and learn more about how awesome you are! :kitteh:

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I would say an INFJ with stronger Se.
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Getting mistested the first time is almost commonplace. If you tested INFP I doubt you're an ESTJ for example, but defintely look at similar types.

The link to materialism, enjoying physical comforts and interest in fitness makes me think ISFP. Like my type, ISTP, they have a tertiary intuition which is going to still be present in their lives. Yet INFJ seems more likely to me than INFP.

Here is a little test to help you decide between INFJ or INFP.
INFJ or INFP Test -

A video of INFP vs ISFP.

One good example is Paul McCartney as an ISFP and John Lennon as an INFP.
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