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I thought I would ask people who are probably far more informed than I am on this topic of personality types since I feel kind of confused at the moment.

So I've taken the 16 personality type tests quite a few times and I've gotten a few different variations of similar results: ENFJ most often but also INFJ and ENFP a few times (never INFP).

I think I might be an Extrovert, I don't have a problem engaging in discussion with people and I love performing in my theatre group... but I still spend (and enjoy) a great deal of my leisure time alone, drawing, reading, playing guitar, etc. On the other hand, I still love spending time with people and I generally get along well with everyone, but I have a hard time developing close friendships and those friends are few and far between. And I can be pretty awkward in social situations sometimes, not super-skilled and adept like I think ENFJs to be.

And I'm not sure about the J vs. P characteristic. I don't really understand it this trait, but I kind of have a moderate stance when it comes to planning out everything and being completely spontaneous.

Anyway, any input would be appreciated! :)
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