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I'm 19 and i recently discovered the whole "Myers-Briggs" thing from a friend who told me i should take some of the online tests. I've done a few over the last few weeks, and they keep coming back as ENTJ, i also had one come back as ESTJ, but when i looked at the description for ESTJ i couldn't relate.

To be honest, i am quite fascinated with the whole thing, as it is a new area of knowledge for me.

I request that some well-informed individuals 'quiz' me or whatever as to what type i am.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for the reply Wiarumas, In answer to your questions:

- When i am around others I am definitely not drained. Although I live alone while I am studying at the moment, and i rarely get out, my favourite social situations are when i am out mingling with people either walking through a busy mall or at a party.

- Yes i am charismatic. I will never forget in my 2nd-to-last year of highschool I came second place in a speech contest at school, rather then the usual first. We had to present our speeches at the end of year prize-giving to the entire school and community. When the 1st place winner did her speech, she barely made the crowd move and you could tell everyone was falling asleep. By the time i had finished, i had the crowd laughing, and almost any time i finished a sentence i had to wait for the crowd to stop making a noise. This rings true in any of my speeches.

- I am unsure if I am a natural leader yet, as I have not had the opportunities to show this skill, having just come from a remote farm where I have lived there since I was 18. However, I enjoy taking the lead and I try to when I can. I have problems following almost anyone, as I believe in getting the job done myself, and I mostly find anyone directing me as incompetent and can always find blatant flaws in any of my managers.

- In terms of creativity, it depends. If there is a proven way of something working, then i will just do that. However, if that proven way is simply a fail path, i will definitely think up something new, and whatever i think up almost always works very well.

- I am very good at reading people, however i often miss blatant advances on me from other girls, and i frequently say things that hurt other peoples feelings without realizing it. I have a complete lack of empathy and emotion, the worst thing you can do when you meet me is tell me any of your problems or hard-luck stories. I will not care.

- I do not express my emotions at all, however i seem to be good at bringing out emotions in other people. I notice this when doing a speech or presentation at university, or when i am talking to a group of new people. I am notoriously poor at reading a person one-to-one, however my crowd reading skills seemingly come natural. Also, although i have problems reading people initially, within a brief time i have an accurate portrayal of the type of person you are, and you best not try and deceive me.

- this is going to sound bad, but every time i meet someone new, i see it as a potential opportunity to gain a 'follower' rather then a friend. I'm honestly amazed at how easily and quickly i gain allies, not just friends but people who seem to want to be around me and listen to what i have to say. I can break anyone: i serve alot of grumpy/impossible industrial workers at my job, and yet i can always strike up a conversation with them and build easy rapport.

- My rental place is immaculate. Everything has its place and is tidy. I am a planner and a scheduler in my personal life, i despise people who break their word or waste my time. Time is one of the top 3 most important things to me. however this does not make me stuck-up... just organized. I can also turn a dogs breakfast of a job into a presentable entree' in almost any situation.

- Although i am 19 i am VERY VERY good with my money. I always save and rarely spend. And often when i do spend it is to have a good time rather then buy something materialistic.

- I am highly organised at work. At uni, i am notoriously absent-minded in any subject i am bored in (but i will still pass the subject). However if i am in a subject i like, you will have problems shutting me up. I am also supposedly intelligent, and was considered a gifted kid throughout school/highschool. I would like to put in that i was never bullied for this, and i am in fact just as equally athletic. I played rugby along with all the other athletic events including swimming.

- i come off as uninterested when meeting new people (quite the opposite, i'm just not easily captivated)
- I have problems with following usually incompetent people
- I dont care about anything, emotions only hold people back
- i rarely lose control, ever. but if you do manage to push me over... run away.
- i cant stand thinking about something for to long.
- I hate people who beat around the bush.
- people frequently spill their guts to me, and within a very short time of me knowing them.
- I despise the idea of following anyone.
- i think most people i meet are stupid, they often prove it on their own as well.
- i really like the ideas of totalitarianism and authoritarianism
- If i want to, i can coerce anybody into doing anything
- in reality, i have 2-5 "friends", and hundreds more "minions" - for lack of a better word
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