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I think I may not be fitting here. I mean, I've got some problems deciding between T and F.
Not only that, but the biggest problem is I'm not the general helping type, even if always daydreaming and surely "P", I'm still not convinced I'm an INFP. I find myself alike with INTPs, and some test said that I'm INTP, but I also find things alike with other INFPs.
So, if anyone carres to look over those, any help would be welcome.(thanks)

"Your Cognitive Functions:
Introverted Intuition (Ni) ||||||||||||||||||||||||| 11.64
Introverted Feeling (Fi) ||||||||||||||||||||||| 10.85
Extroverted Intuition (Ne) ||||||||||||||||||||| 9.88
Introverted Thinking (Ti) ||||||||||||||||| 7.61
Introverted Sensation (Si) ||||| 1.77
Extroverted Thinking (Te) ||||| 1.55
Extroverted Feeling (Fe) || -0.32
Extroverted Sensation (Se) ||||| -3.97

Your Introverted Intuition (Ni) is very developed.
Your Introverted Feeling (Fi) is very developed.
Your Extroverted Intuition (Ne) is moderate.
Your Introverted Sensation (Si) is moderate.
Your Introverted Thinking (Ti) is moderate.
Your Extroverted Thinking (Te) is moderate.
Your Extroverted Feeling (Fe) is moderate.
Your Extroverted Sensation (Se) is poorly developed."

Also, even if I don't like it, this :
"Based on your cognitive functions, your type is most likely:
Most Likely: INTJ
or Second Possibility: INFP"

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Cognitive functions tests are strange and inconsistent.

MBTI tests trick you into thinking all F is the same, but there is actually a world of difference between Fi and Fe. So look into that first -- find out what Fi actually is. It took me a while to form a sort of image of it myself (link the descriptions to what I experience), and even Jung gave up on explaining the function, it being so hard to grasp.

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Here's a simple explanation of Fi dom versus Fe dom.

If you're IxFP, then you're Fi dominant.

Fi doms rapidly and naturally evaluate things in comparison to their personal subjective values. To a Fi dom, a Fe dom, especially an unhealthy one, can seem fake because of a tendency toward self subversion. In other words, behaving like a Fe dom would upset a Fi dom.

Fe doms rapidly and naturally evaluate things based on what they perceive as objective social values. They want what they think will make most people happy, and will often readily sacrifice to get it. To a Fe user, a Fi user can seem selfish, because the Fi user is more concerned with protecting their own values than everyone else's. In other words, behaving like a Fi dom would upset a Fe dom.
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