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Well basically I am certain I am Sx last but I switch between So/Sp and Sp/So. Below I shall concisely explain my reasons for each as im sure ya all don't want to read my life story :tongue:.

What makes me argue So/Sp:
I do place value on my place in a group and I crave being socially successful like I like to be well liked by others and a positive influence on the group and people as one of my values is making others happy. I am very fascinated by social and political trends and love to debate what are said to be typically So/Sp topics like politics and history. I also see aspects of contra flow in myself.

What makes me argue Sp/So
I am at heart someone who would rather do what they want than what others want me to do and I like to be comfortable and I do like luxury. I am also a fairly private person who doesn't like to spout personal things about himself and I can be reserved. Plus I consider having my own space important both physically and mentally.
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