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Now that this season has been coming to an end, time to type! It's been a while since I actually loved an AHS season and Cult was really good :)
  • Ally- Si of some sort, maybe Fe. Perhaps SFJ gone wrong?
  • Kai- so much Ni. I'm guessing NFJ because he very much needs his followers and doesn't rely on the facts as much as I'd expect a TJ would. Also he's a cult leader, nuff said ;)
  • Winter- um, ISTJ? ISFJ? She didn't really have a lot of personality but she was really stuck with the ideal of her brother because of things he'd done in the past?
  • Ivy- a stupid type, I don't know. Maybe xSTP? She didn't seem to think a lot and I see more Fe than Te.
  • Beverly- Te dom for sure. Maybe ESTJ.
  • Harrison- beats me. ISFP?
  • Meadow- ESFJ probably, gosh she was hilarious.

Any inputs? I found all of these hard to type :p
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