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An Addiction to Sugary Foods

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Since I started University at the age of 18, I have increased my intake of sugary foods on a daily basis. I drink 1 energy drink a day, and various other foods infused with sugar.. Lately I have been reading about how harmful sugar can be to the body and mind, so I am trying to cut down.

This is where I am stuck. Coldturkey; I haven't even tried that properly, and cutting down naturally makes me want more!

The end goal is to eliminate 90%+ of sugar from my diet, but I haven't set a timeframe yet of when to achieve that by.

So basically I want to hear if any of you INFPs are like me. If you've taken any steps to reduce sugar in your diet. What has worked, what hasn't. Thanks [:
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I'm not an INFP, though I would think my thoughts would be welcome as no one else has posted here anyway... I've convinced myself I'm hypoglycemic; I definitely feel debilitated if I don't have something with at least a moderate amount of sugar in it at least once every 5 hours seemingly... I'm prone to psychosomatic dependencies it seems, so whether or not the hypoglycemic point is true I'm not totally sure, but I do rely on what is likely at least an above average amount of sugar just to generally function... I know this can often be a precursor to diabetes, which is a reason I've tried to be more conscious of my intake of such a substance too, at the moment I don't have any practical plans to drastically change my eating habits though (although I probably should to be honest...).
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I recall in high school taking mass amounts of sugar as I got home and went into the online world, but I don't think I need it because I feel most alive upon waking up in th emorning (only a matter of time till I wreck that peace)

Anyways, I believe you start to crave sugar when you are partially hungry (as other INFPs, I am sticking with the natural route), so taking an alternative drug to satiate you may work - IE other foods.
Sugar works as a sort of quick fix to me., but if you can find a balance in regular eating (not me); then you may find peace to ignore it.
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Sugars and fats are addictive. You can always substitute. Switch to unrefined sugars like in fruits, so you get healthy nutrients along with the sugar.

I've also heard fiber slows sugar absorption in the intestines. It's healthier to anyway, but you can also switch to whole grain food. White bread is terrible for you.

Cut out sodas too. It's incredible how much sugar you can intake without realizing through sodas.
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This scared me a bit o_O I eat A LOT of sugar.
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