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Ooook, me first, so:

wake up

browse the internet a little, watch Greys Anatomy, get bored of it

Go outside with my ISTP bud, hanging around while debating about religion, economics, etc.. and how good Mindy Vega is at what she is doing ;)

Realise that the girl i dated last night (without calling her) was in front of me, go in a random store to avoid her, friend backs me up by sayng he didnt see me today

fuck yeah...jpg

take lunch with my bro,hang around at his place(more of our boys joining our hang-out), go home, open mail, talk to a girl a friend of mine hooked me up, ask her out (pretty decent, with brains and looks), date goes well arrange a second date
optional°:maybe get lucky on the first....rare....

go home, watch Greys a thread on the inernet (like this one)

(sorry if my english was bad :)), i live in Romania)
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