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Yes, INFJ. I have written and published so many haikus and senryus but nothing compared to how many I have written and shared for the joy of it.

I tested INTJ for seven years; then INTP for another, and only twice that I recall, on a cognitive function test came up INFJ.

I have inferior Se so others said, "INTP" including tests i kept taking this year.

But then I got books, and studied the descriptions, and INFJ is so obvious: I helped raise sisters; I worked as a volunteer in runaway shelters, group homes, for The District Attorney's Office.

I fed the homeless every month. I helped someone give up children for adoption when she abused them--at my expense, it hurt so much to let the children go... I learned to loom-knit and made over 125 wool and wool-mix hats for women living on the streets--gave them out personally.

I took in a neighbor for four months--I would have kept her with my family for much longer if she needed it, because she was born into a religious cult and needed what I call "a bridge" to break free, and stand on her own.

I have literally stood between men with weapons, including their fists, to protect family members, acquaintances and strangers.

And I've been called a walking library; the smartest woman some have ever known; analytical, cool, and so on.

You'd think it would be obvious but I trusted the tests, and the INTJ and INTP are close enough.

I came on here, from another forum, and gravitated toward INFP because of my creative talents and accomplishments, but also so I could avoid anyone I knew from the other forum who would be in INTJ or INTP.

INFJ denial.

You know what? I got tired. Burnt out, and subconsciously I just don't think i wanted to face it--as though I would not be able to say no to another needy person.

Well, I better learn, eh?
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