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Instinctual variants have always been strange to me. Individual research has basically made me consider almost every stacking so far. I think this comes from a lack of understanding with it, but I love to learn, and it turns out there's a questionnaire for this topic in particular. I first considered so/sx, then I switched to sp/sx, and now I'm considering sp/so. I'm going nuts over this; the vacillation is certainly not helping, lol. Let's see how this goes!

Self -preservation (Need to protect and preserve)

1. Do you tend to save money and are cautious about spending it?

Yes, very much so. Depending on financial aid in college has its downsides, let's just say. I'm getting smarter with money as time goes on, which probably comes less from personality as it does on age and independence from parents. I don't check up on my bank account that often, since it's such a pain for me (i should do it online -_-), so I try to spend as little as possible so I don't screw myself from an education.

2. Are you security oriented? Ready to protect yourself, those close to you and your resources?

I care deeply about these types of things, yeah!

3. Are you fairly consistent? Like things known and regular? No big changes?

I am consistent in what I value in my life. I would like a stable "hideout" where I can always have my privacy and stay safe. Like wanting an impenetrable bubble I can enter and leave from, maybe allowing a couple others to know my secret pass code. I can be cautious to trying new things or adapt to sudden changes, but if I feel secure in myself and with close friends with me, I am much more willing.

4. Do you dislike taking big risks unless it's a "sure" thing?

Yep, I am not a big gambler when it comes to important, big things. Then again, if it's a "sure thing", it's not much of a risk, is it? lol. Big risks, to me, are potentially losing out on my dreams for the future, and with messing up the relationships of those I am very close to.

5. Are you fairly private? Not revealing too much to strangers?

I am a private person, yes. Risking my innermost thoughts and feelings to get out there is also a big risk. I don't want anyone malicious taking advantage of it or judging me for it.

6. Do you tend to be introverted?

Yeah, although this has been changing slowly over the years. I've gotten more comfortable with people after years of embarrassing awkwardness, especially in large groups. I still am awkward, but I've learned to make it an endearing quality.

7. Do you understand money? Securities? Investments?

I equate (pun intended) money with mathematics, which I equate with confusingness, anxiety, and worry. Ugh, I would much rather hire an accountant or something to advise me on that stuff. I hope I didn't contradict myself with #1.

8. Do you tend to plan for the future? Ready for emergencies?

Definitely. In fact, just now I am devising a plan on how to escape the building in case of a crazy alien attack. In all seriousness, though, I do certainly plan!

9. Are you concerned about health? Safety? Comfort? Home? Hearth?

I like my health! If I'm sick, or I feel uncomfortable, that becomes the centerpiece of my life at that moment.

10. Are you worried about what may go wrong? Tend to imagine worse case scenarios?

That is a tendency, although I can force myself to calm the hell down when the moment requires it, particularly when it involves others.

11. Do you like things spelled out? Details? Exact information? Guarantees?

Of course, but I would not get too frustrated if I didn't have everything available to me. Improv is one of my hidden talents.

12. In relationships do you take care of others financially?

Only if that person is incapable of doing it themselves. That is unless I like a certain girl; then my stinginess miraculously disappears!

Social (Need for Social Validation) - Can show up with strong focus on groups, organizations, family, world, friends, your surroundings, your social image

1. Do you need or really like social validation?

It's complicated! I would totally be fine with others appreciating me, but I am so damn unsure about peoples' sincerity that I dismiss any praise I get from strangers... well, not all the time. I don't think it is something I need, though.

2. Is social image important to you?

I don't think I really need to focus on this very much. As long as I am honest and sincere, whatever image people see of me... is me!

3. Do you have desires/fantasies of being rewarded in a social or public arena?

I think it would be fascinating and exhilarating to have that happen to me, but then I think of the applause of strangers. I don't know why, but I have an aversion to strangers applauding me. I would rather have people I know and love congratulate me in a private setting.

4. Do you think about your affect on others, groups, organizations, and the world?

More on people than groups, organizations, and the world.

5. Is it very important to you to look good in public, groups, work, and the world? Is name recognition important, either yours or others?

It's not that important to me to look good in that way anymore. It seems counter-intuitive to success, but I don't worry myself with that stuff, maybe because I've resigned myself to thinking that I will probably make an awkward first impression no matter what and I should just get use to it, which I have. Name recognition is necessary at times as a means to my personal goals (and to my chosen career, acting), but it is not a goal in and of itself.

6. Are you upset if you don't get enough validation, reward for the hard and creative work you do in a social context or for a social cause?

Oh, yes! I want my hard work to pay off in the end. I go the long-term strategy in life, and I want all the pieces to fit together, including validation!

7. Are you involved in groups, organizations and team oriented activities?

No, though I used to be loosely involved with two or three organizations during high school. I was on the cross country team, which was fine with me because it's more of a competition against yourself than against the other team, imho. In regards to groups of friends or cliques, I've always remained outside of that, and even when I am in a group of friends, I will usually direct my energy toward one person rather than floating around everybody.

8. Is belonging to special groups or being a leader of a group important to you?

A sense of belonging is something I used to focus a bunch on, back when I had a lack of friends. I would stress over it, and hope that someday I can be in a group of like-minded comrades. I later realized how unsatisfying it really was to me... once I finally developed enough relationships. The special group was not as important as the special interaction. I've never wanted to be a group leader; too much responsibility!

9. Are you strongly upset if you feel not included or rejected by a group or family or not invited to a social event?

Like I said, I used to care about it a lot more than I do now. Nowadays, being rejected by groups or lack of invitations doesn't matter to me. Being rejected by individuals is still painful, unfortunately.

10. Do you make your money through your association with groups affecting a large number of people?

Maybe one day.....:laughing:

11. Do you get really upset if you make a social faux pas? Do you think about and plan out how you will be or present yourself in public?

I've learned to accept this as a part of me. I always make a social faux pas at least once a month, lol, at least in my mind. I think it's amusing to see strangers' reactions to it, though! Maybe I do it on purpose...

12. Are you the social instigator and connector in your family?


Relationship (Need for 1 to 1 or Relationship Closeness)

1. Do you define yourself through a romantic or close partnership? Is closeness with another person of paramount importance?

I think romance and close partnership are part of myself in a way, but I wouldn't define myself through them. Closeness is super important, though. It is where I expend a good chunk of my energy. When I'm not close to someone, my natural impulse is to become closer, to bond. But that depends on the person, of course!

2. Do you like intense energy, particularly in relating to people? Are you energized when you have a revealing conversation or engagement with another, particularly a special other?

Yes, It's always an amazing experience to connect with someone on that level. There is a particular magic to finding yourself in that person and having him/her see themselves in you. I'm selective with it, though. Some people are not worth it.

3. Do you tend to focus more attention on close relationships than money?

I think about close relationships alot, but when financial resources need my attention, I drop everything!

4. Does money relate to how a partner will see you more than security for yourself?

Money undoubtedly effects a partner's view of you, but I don't want that to be a deciding factor, or even something to consider. I don't have much moneyz to begin with, anyways!

5. Are money and resources less for self and more to please an intimate other?

No, but if it can provide something pleasing and good to her, then I shall take this into account.

6. Does your attention go more to how well you relate to a partner or potential partner than to other concerns?

If I have nothing to do involving career or school, then that's usually where my mind wanders.

7. Would others describe you as dramatic? Do you like to go deep with things?

Dramatic? Yep! Others have given me this adjective. Intense? Not as much. One of my all-time favorite activities involve going deep with things.

8. Do you tend to be in the moment and not think as much about the future or your future security?

No, it is difficult for me to stay in the moment, and take things as they go. My mind is either reminiscing or speculating.

9. Do you have an urge to merge? Do you "lose yourself" with an important other at times?

If merge is synonymous with bond, then yes. With someone I believe to be truly special, I have these urges. But there always seems to be this holding back I do at all times around others, even sometimes with those I'm close to. My guard is always up, even when I don't think it needs to be. I don' think I've ever literally "lost myself". To my own detriment, sometimes I bury my urges so I can be less vulnerable to rejection.

10. Do you like risk taking? New experiences? Tend to get bored without enough stimulation particularly in the area of relationships?

Risk-taking? There's always a risk in something, even walking. Refer to my Self Preservation answers. New experiences are good in a safe environment. And yes, I can get bored... but I can bide my time until I find the right person.

11. Are you focused more on connection with another and forget your own priorities?

This sometimes happens. I guess it depends on how priority my priorities are. :tongue:

12. Do you focus a lot on sexuality, romantic fantasies or mystical spiritual experiences?

Sexuality? I don't think I am very good at expressing it. I feel kinda deficient in that arena, due to a lack of experience, I think. I certainly have romantic fantasies, more so than romantic realities in fact. Mystical spiritual experiences? It's weird, 'cause they've never really happened to me, yet many of my friends claim to have them all the time.

Please let me know if my answers were too short!
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