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Treat word "scientist" more symbolically - it simply represents the mind-set INTJs often have but whether it is applied to study of physics or shopping in a grocery store is irrelevant - it just represents how they are likely to think. I think if you ask about careers in INTJ forum you will get a wide variety of responses :)
Yes, yes, yes! Another word for the INTP is the architect. While few of us are into that sort of thing (I actually used to design houses for fun but I'm sort of odd like that:wink:) whatever I do is a "master plan", a "grand design", a "symphony" matter how silly and mundane it is.

My favorite INTJ in the whole wide world is pretty much the most extreme INTJ you'll ever meet, but guess what he's majoring in? Social Studies. Mmmmyep. He's good at math and science, but he's totally uninterested in it. He's much more into philosophy and the like. He says that he doesn't see the fun in doing something for which there are definite answers. Kind of an interesting take on things.

So yes, it's very much possible.
Funny. That was what turned me off math and science as well. And yet some people hate things that are open ended. A lot of ST's who like math claim to enjoy it because it is "either right or wrong". I always found that strange. But then again I am very aware of what is logically true and false...

In any case, I think you will find a greater proportion of NT's not into those things on these message boards than you would find in "real life". Many "scientific" people (no offense to scientific types on the forum) do not go in for personality theory, I find...
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